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Part 22 Study Questions
by Charles Haanel

Study Questions with Answers

211. How may sickness be eliminated?

    By placing ourselves in harmony with Natural Law which is Omnipotent.

212. What is the process?

    A realization that man is a spiritual being and that this spirit must necessarily be perfect.

213. What is the result?

    A conscious recognition of this perfection - first intellectually, then emotionally - brings about a manifestation of this perfection.

214. Why is this so?

    Because thought is spiritual and therefore creative and correlates with its object and brings it into manifestation.

215. What Natural Law is brought into operation?

    The Law of Vibration.

216. Why does this govern?

    Because a higher rate of vibration governs, modifies, controls, changes, or destroys a lower rate of vibration.

217. Is this system of mental therapeutics generally recognized?

    Yes, there are literally millions of people in this country who make use of it in one form or another (and obviously many more world-wide).

218. What is the result of this system of thought?

    For the first time in the world's history every man's highest reasoning faculty can be satisfied by a demonstrable truth which is now fast flooding the world.

219. Is this system applicable to other forms of supply?

    It will meet every human requirement or necessity.

220. Is this system scientific or religious?

    Both. True science and true religion are twin sisters, where one goes, the other necessarily follows.