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Part 5 Study Questions
by Charles Haanel

Study Questions with Answers

41. What proportion of our mental life is subconscious?

    At least ninety per cent.

42. Is this vast mental storehouse generally utilized?


43. Why not?

    Few understand or appreciate the fact that it is an activity which they may consciously direct.

44. Where has the conscious mind received its governing tendencies?

    From heredity -- which means that it is the result of all the environments of all past generations.

45. What is the law of attraction bringing to us?

    Our "Own."

46. What is our "Own"?

    What we inherently are, and is the result of our past thinking, both conscious and subconscious.

47. Of what is the material with which we construct our mental home composed?

    The thoughts which we entertain.

48. What is the Secret of Power?

    A recognition of the omnipresence of omnipotence.

49. Where does it originate?

    All life and all power is from within.

50. Upon what is the possession of power contingent?