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Unbendable arm
by Svenove

Short technique description:

Unbendable arm is a technique which makes it a lot harder to bend the arm on the person that is performing the technique. With practice it can feel as the arm is totally unbendable and that is where the technique has got its name. But as with everything, there is a limit on how good you are. But that limit can be moved forward and forward as you get better.

The purpose of the technique:

The purpose is to notice the difference between only muscle and strenght vs. energy. To be able to clearly see that it isn't the strenght that makes the arm unbendable but the energy and thereby see that you can do an energy technique.


To have the biggest possible chance to do well and to not get in energy debt you should ( but not absolutely necessary) do the following before the technique. Ground, neutralize, center, intake. After you are done with the technique and are not going to do any more techniques, then you should intake more and finally ground. For information about those techniques, I recommend you reading under E-books the first three articles in "psi classes" and in "psi vigour" read "grounding, centring, intaking and filters".

The techniques performance:

It will take two people to test the result of the technique. One of them should perform the technique (person A) and the other should test if it works (person B). In the beginning it is best if the two people have about the same strenght. When you get better it can be more fun and rewarding to intensify the degree of difficulty by testing on stronger and stronger people (B person). The person that shall perform the technique (A) stands up and stretches out his arm. The arm should be straight and the elbow shall point downward and the palm up. This is important so not injuries occur. The arm shall be bent there it usually bends. If you should change the angle and e.g have the elbow downward, then it should be hard to bend the arm on the same way, but it should at the same time give very much pain if the other person should use much strenght, so you could break the arm without testing anything at all. But if you instead perform it the right way and take it easy in the beginning, then it isn't dangerous. Person A's arm is then placed on the person B who is also standing up. The arm shall be placed between B's head and shoulder and the contact point should be the wrist or a little above the wrist. Person B puts his both arms on A's arm. The two people are now standing in the start position to be able to begin the technique.

Person A should first begin to tense his arm with only strenght as much as he/she can. Person B should begin to bend with only a little strenght at fist and then increase more and more until the arm is bent (use your whole bodyweight if it is needed, but don't do any hasty jerks but increase the pressure successive). Person B should also try to remember how much strenght that was needed to bend the arm for comparison later. Exactly how B's arms are put on A's arm isn't important as long as you have the pressure by the elbow joint and that you succed in bending the arm. If you can't bend the arm though A is only holding it stretched with strenght, then you should try to change the bending- technique so it becomes more effective or find a stronger person B, or get a person C or even more that can help to try bend the arm. If the arm can't be bent when A is only using strenght to keep it straight, then it is meningless to continue to next step. It should be noted though that if the persons are of equal strenght then person B should be able to bend A's arm pretty easy with the right technique.

Now the same test should be performed again, but with a very important difference. The difference is that instead of stretching your muscles, you should let your internal energy hold the arm straight and make the arm unbendable or much harder to bend. Now there are many ways to do this. What are working great for many is to think (visualize) that water is streaming through the arm like a fire hose. It is only water in a hose like that, but it is very hard to bend when the water is turned on. You can even think that the arm is an iron bar which also would be hard to bend, but then it could be easier that you use strenght and lose the energy in the technique. You should try to relax in the arm and let it be hard automatically. Then when you are visualizing correctly person B can try to bend the arm again and slowly.
For a good result it requires that person B has to use a little more strenght to bend the arm the second time than the first.

Comments and addons:

Note that in the beginning, it could be so little difference that it isn't noticed clearly enough, or the arm will bend even easier. But do not give up, because then it is only to test again and practice more and more. The most important thing here is to believe in yourself and really try and if there is a positive result, don't doubt it. In the beginning you will probably not notice such big difference, but if there is a difference, yes then you have really according to me proven that it was the energy that made the arm more unbendable. If you continue to practice and believe in yourself and has enough energy then your energy can hopefully hold against so much that a person of equal strenght don't succed to bend the arm at all when you hold against it with energy, even if he can do it when you are holding with only strenght. When you get there, you should take the credit for that and believe in yourself even more, for then it is a clearly difference and proof that you can perform psi. When you have tested and believe enough in yourself, then it will be enough to just know that the arm is unbendable. You can then turn on and off the energy if the arm should be bendable or not.

Technique improvement/depth:

You can before you visualise that the arm is unbendable, send as much energy you can to the arm. You can think that the energy from e.g the stomach is flowing like water or light through the body to the arm, or that energy from your whole body is collected in the arm. Then you have hopefully more energy in the arm and if you had problems before with the technique, you may have enough energy now. If you need even more energy, then you can intake from the nature and send everything to the arm. If you neutralize your energy before then you can succed better because it is easiler to affect neutral energy. If you are centring yourself, then you can use all your energy in the best way (very important). If you ground yourself afterwards, then you are in less risk of having to much or to little energy left, which can be dangerous. (see the preparations for info on these techniques). If you know you are going to succed and believe in yourself then it is much easier than if you doubt yourself. You can visualize anything that works good for you. So you don't have to think on a water hose or an iron bar.

Steps to make the technique more advanced:

When you are beginning to perform the technique with ease on equal strong persons, then you can make it a little harder in different ways. You can of course let stronger and stronger persons try to bend your arm, or more and more if they get room (you have to have strong belief on the technique so you don't get scared if they are strong and that you can take the little pain that will get there, when they actually are pushing firmly on your arm). You can do it on both arms at the same time (two persons who try to bend the arm, though one on each arm). You can even test to program your energy to be unbendable whatever happens. If you haven't done that, then it is often very easy to destroy the technique. If you are holding an unbendable arm then the B person that are trying to bend the arm can, touch your forhead, tickle you, or something similar and then bend the arm. The usual thing is that you then react on what happend. If person B e.g touched your forhead, then your thought might went up to the head and then your concentration was aborted to hold your arm unbendable and person B can easily bend it. To prevent that that happens you have to tell yourself that the energy in the arm won't change until you say so, so that noone can distract your technique.

Good Luck