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Basic Techniques to begin with and earn self confidence
by Svenove

The meaning with these texts is to describe some beginning techniques which can bring results that are easy to see. If they go well they should increase the self confidence of the person who is performing the techniques. With higher self confidence the person can take on harder techniques and have better results.

These classes are based on my experience and my belives. So you have to take it as it is.

It isn't easy to learn psi if you want to have progress all the time and get better. What ever area you choose in the world to be good at requires practice, patience and motivation. The difference with psi, at least in the beginning, is that it can be harder to know if you have had any progress, because it isn't as easy to see that. If you are excercising your muscles, then you get bigger muscles, if you run then you will run faster and faster. With time it shall be as easy to see your own progress within psi, when you can see your energy and its interaction. But first it can be good to learn some easy techniques which are quite easy to control if you have succeded. You can try to see if you have succeded in microkinesi by rolling a die and try to change the result, but if you aren't very skilled,
then it can be hard to know if you have affected anything. It is hard to see if it is coincidence or not because the coincidence vary so much.

If you think that it is super-easy with psi and you can easily see that you are progressing and you learn technique after technique, then you might not have to read any more. But otherwise if you think that psi is a little tricky and that it doesn't hurt with suggestions on techniques to begin to practice on ... yes, then just keep on reading.

If you have more suggestions on easy techniques then you can tell me about them in the chat, my email or on the forum.

It could be so that the techniques isn't at all easy for you, or that only some are easy and others seem impossible. Then you don't have to worry, but then you maybe have a talent for other techniques. Then you can try find other techniques that are easy for you and then maybe you can come back later and test these techniques and it may go better then. The meaning is that you should succed with the techniques, grow and gain your self confidence, because without it, it is very hard to get far with psi.