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Fighting Shadows
by GoldBear


    Too often, a young seeker will enter training with both the best, and the worst, intentions.  This duality is caused by an overwhelming desire to be a hero/heroine: i.e., save the world, fight crime, etc.  While noble-sounding, this can often lead to the seeker either taking on tasks that are overwhelming, or downright dangerous for the seeker as well as those around him/her.  I have, for this reason, included this article in the advanced section of the Psionics literature.  No doubt, there will be plenty of aspiring heroes believing they are up to such a skill level, or task.  I give you all this warning: start small, or be crushed.

Beginning the Process

    For those who are ready, and capable, I must first ask you to think: What is it I am attempting to fight?  This question is never a simple one, so if your answer is only a sentence long, it's not good enough.  The definition of the problem, from broadest to most specific terms will provide you a diagram for how to proceed.  We must start at the end of our chain of thought, and if you have reasoned correctly, you should arrive at yourself.  This is where we begin.  We must change something in ourselves to enact the final change in the world we seek.  Take stock.  Decide what must be done to create the 'you' that will be able to start these chain of events, and begin work on making that individual come into being.  Do you require more knowledge, or training?  Is energy manipulation necessary?  Should you change your lifestyle?  Must you sacrifice something?  These issues must be dealt with before even thinking about any other step in this process.

Potential considerations:

*  Am I in the correct physical state to accomplish this goal?

*  Am I pursuing this goal for revenge, desire, or greed?

*  Am I trying to impress someone (perhaps even yourself)?

*  Is my energy stable?

* Do I have enough information on why the situation exists?

* What is my part in contributing to the problem?

*  Why does the problem bother me?

*  Why haven't others already corrected it?

    The contemplation of issues such as these will increase your understanding of the problem, and of your involvement in it.  As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, this step must be done first, and exclusive of the other steps.  This is so that when you have prepared yourself, you are able to reanalyze the situation from your new level of understanding, and will have deeper insight into the problem.  After this has been completed we move on to the next largest step.

Expanding the Circle

    The next step really depends on the nature of your problem, but it must follow, in reverse, the path you worked backwards from the problem as a whole to yourself.  For instance, your family or closest friends, your career, or your home.  When expanding to the next level of the circle, things will inherently become more difficult, and require interactions and time that may not be directly in your control.  However, it is part of the process to learn to align these energies in the direction of the goal.

Potential Considerations:

*  Do I have to convince others of the value of my plan?

*  Do I need to procure funds?

*  Will this plan effect others in a negative way?

*  Am I willing to put forth further effort, or sacrifice my comfort?

*  Is the plan immoral/illegal?

Fighting Shadows

    Eventually, a problem may arise that has extensions well into the rest of existence, or has poweful implications.  With this guide to help, you should be in a position that will facilitate your involvement in it.  However, be aware that there are no individual efforts of problems of this magnitude.  Your preparations should have aligned the involvement of others into this goal (assuming they share your desires to correct the situation), and you can begin concerting your efforts.  Always be aware of your personal interests, and be sure that what you do truly has the most balanced outcome possible.