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The Concept
by Zeus

The visualized concept of the Power Triangle made up of Truth, Knowledge, and Power is a cornerstone in the creation and follow through of intents. Intents created for psi are what an individual expects to occur through their use of Aural Energy within an environment, or broader reality. The idea behind applying the Power Triangle to psi intents is to ensure that what an individual intends manifests within the physical confines of reality.
Those people that are able to mentally marry the two concepts of Triangle and intent have been shown more likely to succeed in making what they wish to happen occur. Many individuals that are successful in psi do not even realize they are using the Power Triangle to make their intents a reality.
If an amateur in psi takes the time to understand the concepts of psi than they technically gain advantage from the start and will be able to progress faster than those that do not. This is where the advantage of understanding the Power Triangle really comes into play.