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Connections (Article)
by Zeus

A connection, in psi, is a visualized pathway, or conduit from one individual to another. There are several different types of connections with many different uses; however all connections have the common task of transferring energy and its associates from one individual to another. Since connections directly deliver energy from one side to the other their patterns are more private and thus not easily accessible by outside individual interference. Unfortunately connections do have certain drawbacks when compared with broadcast patterns.
Connections always require the input of energy to create and upkeep them, which results in a continued draw on an individual's Internal Energy reserves. This energy drain often makes it necessary to Intake greatly before and after their use, and can lead to energy debt situations when an individual forgets to unhook, or keeps the connection in place for too long. Another drawback to connections is that they themselves are made up of energy, which will itself interact with the Universal Energy the connection is created through. Depending upon the visualized distance the connection must travel the interaction with outside energy can degrade the pathway enough to interrupt the flow of energy. Degradation as a benchmark occurs at a rate of about 10% for every thousand kilometers. With common interference affecting a connection the minimum cohesion of a connection should not drop below 60%, or transferred energy can become muddled, or contaminated. Since the rule of thumb is 10% cohesion loss for outside interference the maximum visualized distance of an unaltered connection is about 3000 kilometres. Fortunately there are several ways to overcome connection limitations.
Connections may be shielded to prevent outside energy interaction, and increase privacy. Shielding a connection requires the individual initiating the connection to create a shield, or layer of energy around the connection for its entire visualized length. In this manner the maximum visualized distance of a connection may be greatly increased. The initiator of the connection may also choose to steer the connection, which constitutes creating a connection that is not a straight line, but instead is bent around areas of highly active Universal Energy. Though steering a connection does increase the connection's overall length the reduction in outside interaction interference allows the straight-line distance to nearly double to 6000 kilometres. Should an individual wish to they may both shield and steer a connection allowing connections that do not reach critical degradation for tens of thousands of kilometres. Though these are by far the most common methods of extending the range of connections they are not the only ones. If a person is able to overcome the physicality aspects there is a much easier method to creating strong connections even over large distances.
Energy is everywhere and does not, by itself, have any concept of space, or time, so an individual is able to capitalize on this to create strong long distance connections. Remembering that connections degrade based on visualized distance traveled an individual can create short connections to perform the same task. This is accomplished by visualizing only short distances between the individuals involved in the connection process. Though an individual may be physically far away in energy terms they are not. A Visualized Short Distance Connection or VSDC overcomes all of the negative aspects of physical distance and requires about the same energy as a regularly shielded long distance connection. No matter the type of connection used the same sorts of energy transfer may occur along them.
Connections may transfer emotions, thoughts, or raw energy and may be one or two way routes. The actual type of connection created depends on the intents of the individual creating the connection. One way emotional and raw energy transfer connections require the least amount of Internal Energy to create and upkeep, while two way thought transfer connections are the largest energy consumers. In general a connection will endure as long as energy is fed into it, so Intaking before establishing any connection is crucial. When a connection is no longer needed it should be accordingly dealt with.
Once the necessity of a connection is over the individual that initiated the connection should unhook it and allow the two individuals to continue on separately. Unhooking a connection requires an individual actually visualize unhooking the connection from the other individual and reeling in, or reabsorbing the connection's energy. Forgetting to unhook a connection can lead to energy loss and debt situations in which a connection will cease to function; however most connections in energy loss situations will automatically re-establish themselves when energy is available again. This oddity of connections should illustrate the great importance of unhooking. The individual that initiated the connection does not always have to be the one that unhooks a connection. Any individual may unhook a connection by visually dislodging it from their person, though care should be taken to do this gently so as not to cause harm to the individual who's connection it is.
Connections are tools used throughout psi in techniques like healing, empathy, telepathy, and many others. If used correctly connections allow for the shared use of resources and create a new level for energy use.