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Telepathy (Article)
by Zeus

Psi moves beyond the transfer of normal thought pattern reception when one moves from empathy to telepathy. Telepathy has different meaning depending on the path followed from transmission and reception of higher thoughts to only transmission of energy-patterned thought between individuals. Pure Energy holds with the latter definition in that telepathic techniques involve the transmission of thought from one individual to another. Telepathy can be divided into several categories depending on the type of transmission medium used and where the thought pattern is aimed at surfacing in the receiving individual’s mind. The most common telepathy is broadcast telepathy, which radiates thoughts from individuals constantly.
Broadcast telepathy occurs naturally as excess energy is radiated from the body. Surface thoughts, emotions, etc. are radiated from the body thought the need to transfer energy out. With broadcast telepathy the individual initiating the technique acts similar to a radio transmission tower. The signal is broadcast from the individual in all direction to interact with surrounding universal energy. Once the broadcast telepathy energy has left the body it is open to reception by other sensitive people, so it should be ensured that what is broadcast is monitored, or that specific shields are created to minimize broadcasting. Broadcasting may also take on a less passive manner through Directed Broadcast Telepathy (DBT). With DBT the radiated thought energy is sent specifically at another individual, or group. While DBT is still publicly accessible it is more likely another person that is not paying attention to radiated energies will receive the information since more energy will interact with their personal energy. Though broadcast telepathy works there are limitations to its use because of idealized range degradation and lack of privacy. In order to increase the effectiveness of telepathy a person should move to a connected telepathic technique.
The simplest form of connection telepathy is termed Surface Telepathy. In surface telepathy a person creates a consented connection to another person and visualizes transmission of simplistic thought patterns along the connection. With this technique only the person connected to receives the information, so that privacy is enhanced. As well, since the pattern is intended for one person there is generally less degradation of information along the connection. Unfortunately with this technique there is a limit to the volume and complexity of thoughts one is able to convey. To overcome these boundaries a person should use Deep Telepathy techniques.
Deep Telepathy differs from simple telepathy in that instead of the connection being to anywhere on a person’s body the visualized connection is made directly to another individual’s Psi Control Centre (PCC). With this technique more complex ideas, or normalized thoughts, may be conveyed. Since deep telepathy connects directly to the PCC there is also the added benefit of having less chance of garbling, or misunderstanding the message sent. Of course connected telepathy techniques may be enhanced should an individual wish to.
Connected telepathy techniques may be twinned with their corresponding connected empathy technique to enhance the effect of use. In cases where twinning occurs the resulting technique is often referred to simply by the telepathy name since it is considered the more difficult technique. It should be noted that there is a True Telepathy technique; however it is not to be used by those not familiar with its understanding because of energetic characteristic dangers.
Telepathic connections may be enhanced with shields, or filters as with any connection. Overall telepathy is a very useful technique in an individual’s psi portfolio.