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Broadcast Telepathy (Article)
by Zeus

Broadcast telepathy is a natural phenomenon that occurs continuously because of the body’s need to expel excess energy. As the body radiates energy the top, or surface level of thought is transmitted from the body as if a person were a radio transmission tower. This type of broadcasting occurs without conscious thought and so is referred to as Unconscious Telepathic Broadcasting (UBT). Because an individual broadcasts all the time they may wish to take precautions to soften, or stop their broadcast thought energy from mingling with the Universal through the use of filters and shields. In this way individuals may assume some level of privacy even in the presence of enlightened, or gifted persons. Should an individual wish to they may take an active role in transmitting thought through the use of Conscious Broadcast Telepathy (CBT). The main different between UBT and CBT is that the individual is aware of and able to steer what information is sent out during CBT. A conscious transmission may also be taken from a passive technique in which the signal is sent in all directions to a more active technique in which the signal is directed at a specific location. Directed Conscious Broadcast Telepathy (DCBT) is a more invasive technique than undirected broadcast telepathy, but it does not technically break any rules of Pure Energy Psi. With any conscious broadcast the strength of the signal may also be actively changed by focusing more radiated energy into the transmission. Broadcast Telepathy is most useful in ensuring concepts are related properly and in their entirety during conversations, but is also extremely useful in a myriad of real-life situations.