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Self Healing (Article)
by Zeus

Aural energy when utilized for psi can do many extraordinary things, but an individual should keep in mind that psi is useful beyond parlour tricks. One of the more useful ways in which to utilize energy is in healing. Healing the self, or more properly yourself, may be undertaken on a physical, mental, or spiritual level with psi.

Physical injuries, however great, may be healed using psi. In order for the body to heal itself it requires the proper flow of energy into, around, and out of the injured area. While it is absolutely necessary to take every physical step possible to heal that is not enough since there needs to be a proper flow of energy as well. Taking a simple cut on the finger as an example there are obvious steps that physically should be taken. Foremost apply pressure and stem, preferably stop, the flow of blood. If possible elevate the wound and apply ice to reduce swelling and to constrict blood flow. When possible clean the wound to help reduce the possibility of infection. Since this is a simple cut there is no need to seek further medical assistance, but this step should be taken when warranted by the injury. In order to properly heal yourself you must ensure your safety and that the body does not go into shock. You must also be aware that fear either through pain or knowledge of the injury does not take hold since fear negates the effectiveness of psi. So, it is at this point after having looked after the physical aspects of healing that psi should be attempted. With the simple cut example psi may now be called upon to re-grow tissue to seal the wound, kill any invading infection and retrain the body’s natural flow of energy through the area. As it has been shown psi should not be relied upon as the sole means of healing, but rather as a supplementary means to traditional medicine. When dealing with physical healing caution should be exercised with the eyes, as they don’t handle excess energy well, which can lead to more harm from the healing than good. Overall though using psi to assist in physical healing contributes to quicker and more effective cures. Physical healing is not the only use of psi though; psi may be used to effectively control or even cure mental conditions.

Some mental illnesses may be cured, or handled by a person capable of carrying out psi outcomes. Self-healing is highly unlikely in those not mentally capable of psi; however with training and time non-severe cases may show improvement. In healing mental blocks or issues the individual is looking to re-pattern the manner in which the brain handles impulses. Essentially a mental healing is a redistribution of energy patterns. With fixing energy patterns a person must realize they are changing their character and may have personality alterations. When done correctly the rearrangement of mental energy pathways can give a person their life back. However mental changes are extremely difficult and precise understanding of alterations is necessary. Mental path healings are certainly not meant for any but advanced healers. Healing the mind and body are exceptional uses of psi but a person may also utilize psi to heal, for lack of a better word, their soul.

Healing the soul isn’t actually as difficult as it may seem. Spirituality, or the link to energy near Oneness, requires the proper flow of energy through the body. Central energy is the energy that fuels and sustains life and is the soul of an individual. Should there be a block, redirection, or interruption in flow a person will respond accordingly. Self-healing the soul requires that an individual identify any inconsistencies in their energetic flow and then take steps to correct those issues. The proper flow of energy is clockwise around the body with no interruptions that would reduce flow to any area. This not only means that Central energy must move accordingly but also that physical and mental aspects must be addressed to account for their energy interruptions. To heal the spiritual aspects of the individual the flow of energy needs to be continuous and unbroken.

Healing the self is not simply setting out with the goal but also following through. One must ensure that all aspects of a healing are stepped through accordingly so that the desired effect is realized. Healing requires details and understating of biology, anatomy, and neurology. An understanding of psychology can also be useful in healing. Of course these understanding are not absolutely crucial but they do help in perfected outcomes, which makes studying them highly recommended. Understanding what is actually being healed creates a solid intent and efficient outcome. Above all don’t simply hope to help when healing with psi, but rather realize what healing is.