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Balance (Article)
by Zeus

When on a psi path an individual will encounter information that stresses the need for balance. Every aspect of psi requires balance in order to function correctly and to ensure the proper realization of intents into reality. Unfortunately balance is not a simple term, where psi is concerned, as there are many pieces to it that all must come together in order to efficiently and accurately create what is visualized. Overall balance should be thought of as a giant puzzle that will not be complete until all pieces are properly fit together to reveal the picture as it should be seen. In psi balance is regularly used as a term applied to energy and its proper use; however balance should also be considered physically and mentally for the person on the psi path. Without the proper aspects of balance an individual will be unable to correctly control and manipulate psi, which will lead to limited psi abilities.

When dealing with psi the first aspect of balance an individual should be aware of is energy. Energetic balance is by far the most important aspect of overall balance, since it deals with all of the changes within reality that take place whenever intent is released. The Pure Energy path through psi sets finite limits for the amount of disturbance allowed during any outcome creation. An individual is required not to surpass a 15% change in the balance of their given area, or the given area of their outcome to guarantee that their outcome does not adversely affect any pre-existing reality structures. Given areas are subjective areas of energy that are associated with each individual, or with their intent creation. A given area would usually be the area directly affected by the intent created by the individual in psi. The psychic must also be aware of the indirect affects of what they are doing, though they are given more leeway as the indirect affects are not usually as adverse as the direct affects. Of course, in some situations it is necessary to expand the view of given area to include indirect change as the overall balance in a different given area may be adversely changed by the creation of an outcome into the intended given area. This is commonly referred to in this day as the “butterfly effect”. With this line of thinking the person must understand whether what they are attempting to create within reality will create a large change elsewhere. This is where the butterfly flapping its wings creates a hurricane half-way around the World. Any individual in psi must understand what it is they are doing in order to realize whether they will compromise the 15% limit on energetic balance alteration anywhere within their given area. And yes, there is a valid explanation for the 15% limit as well. Any change in a reality of 15% is large enough to create all outcomes an individual should need in healthful applications of psi, and yet not large enough to create unhealthy ripples that could crack, or destroy a reality. This is important since destroying a reality most times has the catastrophic effect of killing those that are in it, which leads to extreme imbalance in all connected energy patterns and systems. While it is realized that a beginner will have difficulties in understanding just how much the intent they are creating will affect the energetic balance of a given area there are warning signs that do appear that will allow a person to realize if they are approaching or broaching the limits. When dealing with energetic balance some common warning signs of approaching limits are headaches, an almost physical back-draft of energy in the third-eye region, and even complete inability to focus through finishing an intent. Each individual on a psi path must carefully consider the amount of change they are introducing into any system before they release the energy. The creation of new outcomes into reality must flow through balance, but also an individual’s personal energy must adhere to energy limitations as well.

Personal balance through internal energy is played out mostly through broadcast into an individual’s surroundings, which also make up a part of their energetic given area. Those people that tend to broadcast a great deal of random thoughts, emotions, or simply energy will reduce the limit allowed within their psi intent creation. The reduction in limit is quite easy to follow if it is considered that both are forms of energy introduced into the environment. Broadcast energy affects the patterns in a given area by some set amount and will vary as the broadcast strength of the individual ebbs and flows. If someone is particularly loud by broadcasting all of the time they will inadvertently affect their given area by a certain percentage which will reduce the overall amount of change available to their psi intent. In extreme cases people out of personal balance can actually reduce their available intent limitations to near zero, which negates their ability to perform acts of psi. Those people that realize their energy outflow will create specific filters and masks to overcome their own affect on their given area. In creating special shields a psychic may be assured the most available percentage of change for their outcome creations. On a psi path though balance is more than just energetic as the balance of the individual will extend to the mental aspects as well.

Mental balance is important in psi, because without mental balance a person is not able to assume the responsibility necessary to ensure energetic balance and healthful use of any psi. Where psi is concerned mental balance mainly focuses on the inversely proportionate relationship between ego and self-esteem. Any exaggerated sense of importance, or inflated ego, is broadcast into a person’s given area affecting the balance through interaction with the energy of other people, and/or realities within range. The ego is an important division of the psyche of any person and it is that part of the self that consciously controls thought and behaviour; however it is also the aspect of the self that separates each individual from other selves and creating too much separation causes interaction issues. External reality understanding is also perceived mostly via the ego and the distinction of realties, though important, can be hampered by an overstated ego that is in constant struggle for control of a given area. Controlled ego allows a person to have a distinct self within reality while also being able to comprehend the distinct realities created by other individuals. This controlled ego creates balance within given areas as egos, or broadcasted energy representing egos, interact. The flip to the ego is self-esteem, or self-respect, which represents a person’s personal feelings towards themselves and their personal worth to interact within reality and with other realities. With little self-esteem a psychic will be adversely affected by the energies of their ego as it wishes to control their surroundings. With too much self-esteem a person may be adversely affected by their given area as their ego does not balance out the needs of their environment. With Pure Energy psi the mental balance rule of thumb is to create a personal situation that is 75% self-esteem and 25% ego. In this manner there is a strong enough sense of self to both understand the distinct reality created by the perceptions that you have while still being able to comprehend other realities, since the ego isn’t overly competitive. Beyond the mental aspects of balance the physical aspects of balance for each individual is important to creating overall balance.

Physical balance is created by having the body in harmony with itself. This does not mean that a person must be extremely fit and only lead a healthy lifestyle, since this is rarely possible with today’s society. What having physical balance does mean is that the body must be satisfied, or at equilibrium with everything associated with it. One individual may have more muscle mass, or more cellulite than another but as long as each person’s body is capable of sustaining that level without injury then that level of balance is alright. Physical balance requires only that the body be healthy and capable at whatever shape, size, etc. it currently is. A healthy body is able to better handle the stresses required of it during psi. Creating more internal energy, internalizing energy, and performing acts of psi in general put stresses on the physical body, which are more easily brought into equilibrium by a healthy, balanced body. An example of physical necessities during psi use is the need to imbibe more liquids. Since psi can require the creation of more energy at the cellular level and does require high use of brain neurons the body will use more fluids. A healthy body will be able to easy make the transition to balance when a higher intake and use of fluid is required, where as an unhealthy body will stumble in recreating the physical balance. So, it doesn’t truly matter if a person is overweight, or perfectly in shape where physical balance is concerned it only matters that the individual’s body is able to handle, in a healthy manner, the level at which it operates. Of course physical balance does tie into mental balance, since without a mentally healthy appreciation of the physical there can be no personal balance.

Without a doubt overall balance of energetic, physical, and mental aspects is a necessary concept in creating the best possible situation for performing psi. Balance creates the environment that allows responsible, healthful use of psi and allows an individual to continually expand their abilities and horizons.