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Psi Control Centre (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Visualization
  • Psi Control Centre (PCC) Theory

  • Visualization in the Psi Control Centre (PCC) area of the brain stimulates psychic activity and increases technique and intent effectiveness.

    1 With The PCC located in the back, right portion of the brain visualization of walking into the PCC should always begin at the brow, or third eye focal point (chakra).
  • Visualize yourself in the third person entering into your head through your brow focal point.
  • As you enter your head you will be greeted by some sort of portal (door, airlock, gate, etc.) to continue you must open this portal, walk through it, and then most importantly shut it once you are inside.
  • Once inside your head you will find yourself looking down a corridor (this is a personal representation of the main connector in your brain).
  • To get to your PCC you will need to walk to the far end of the corridor you're standing in and then turn left.
  • Depending on your visualization you will either be at a door, or at the top of a stairwell that you must descend, after you make your left turn.
  • In most visualization you will find the door before you locked and you will need to find the correct method to open the door before continuing (unfortunately this is different for each person, so you're on your own here).
  • Once you've unlocked the door open it and walk through into your Psi Control Centre (this visualized area of the brain is where all psychic intents begin and persist).
  • The PCC may be visualized however is best suit to you, with the most common visuals being that of a control room, a ship's bridge, or a meditation room.
  • To simplify every psi technique, once it is understood and accomplished at least once, you may visualize a control within your Psi Control Centre that when activated will automatically run a technique with the need for constant step-by-step approaches (shields, filters, intaking).
  • Everytime a controlled technique is needed you simply visualize into your PCC and activate the appropriate control that you've visually created.

  • N/A

  • Do not set up controls for unaccomplished techniques as this can wreak havoc with your energy, and actually create unwanted, or unhealthy outcomes.

  • ITB: 60+ minutes if the key to unlocking one's PCC is understood.
  • AAW: Less than 30 seconds.