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Filters (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Visualization
  • Screens
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Shields

  • A specific modification of screens, or shields to filter energy leaving, reaching, or within the body

    1. Static Filters
  • Intake before continuing
  • Close your eyes and visualize a layer of energy, much like a screen, horizontal through your body at waist level
  • Intent this filter via visualization to be able to neutralize energy passed through it
  • Manipulate your own Internal Energy to move from the upper portion of your body to the lower portion and vice versa through the Filter
  • Repeat the movement of energy through the Filter until you feel that your energy is in a neutral state
  • Intake and Ground

    2. Dynamic Filters
  • Intake before continuing
  • Close your eyes
  • Visualize a layer of energy, much like a screen, in a horizontal position above your head. Ensure that the Filter is large enough that when passed over the body all body parts will be within the Filter's reach
  • Keep your arms next to your body and your feet together to reduce the need for an overly large Filter area
  • Intent the Filter to neutralize energy as the Filter passes over you
  • Visualize slowly moving the filter down over the entire body
  • When the filter has moved over the entire body and is below the soles of the feet you may choose to either pass it back up the body in the reverse direction, or loop it up over the head, outside of the body, and pass it down over the body again
  • Repeat the filtering process until you feel that your energy is neutralized
  • Intake and Ground

    • Instead of visualizing the Filter to neutralize energy you may wish to intent it as healing your energy and/or physical body
    • A Filter may also be used to unhook unwanted connection from the body through a specific intent directed towards unhooking
    • The visualized intent of the Filter may be more specific in allowing you to become calmer, balanced, attuned, energized, or whatever else you may desire
    • Connecting an intaking connection to a Filter and passing it over the body can help to distribute intaken energy evenly over the body, or ensure that it gets to areas in particular need

    • Filtering can use a lot of energy, so Intaking and Grounding are necessities
    • Be aware of the location of the Filter at all times as Dynamic Filters can inadvertently be released and wreak havoc with area balance
    • Although it is possible to create filters in, over, or around other people, places, and things it is unethical to affect their energy without permission

    • ITB: 10 to 60 minutes depending on modificatio
    • AAW: Time depends on technique modification