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Shields (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Visualization
  • Shielding Theory
  • Energy Manipulation

  • Protection of the sensitive self from being overwhelmed by psychic stimuli
  • Protection of mental, physical and energy aspects from harmful outside influences

    1. Sensitive Shielding
  • Centre and Intake before continuing
  • Sensitivity shielding involves shielding only the Psi Control Centre (PCC) area of the brain through visualization
  • Visualize a layer of energy totally enveloping the PCC area of brain
  • The visualized layer of energy should be visualized, and thus intented, to block outside energy from reaching the PCC
  • When no longer needed simply visualize discontinuing the layer of energy
  • Intake and Ground

    2. Bubble Shielding
  • Centre and Intake before continuing
  • Visualize the skin ripe with energy ready to radiate the energy outwards
  • Visualize moving this energy into a bubble that encompasses the entire body with no breaks
  • The energy layer around the body should form a protective bubble around the body
  • When no longer needed visualize the energy layer coming back into contact with the skin and then dispersing back into the body
  • Intake and Ground

    3. Defensive Shielding
  • Visualize energy exiting around the waist and splitting with half turning up to surround the upper portion of the body and re-entering at the crown. The other half of the energy exiting at the waist should turn down to envelope the lower half of the body and re-enter at the soles of the feet.
  • Visualize another band of energy coming out from the waist and flattening out to cover the gap where the upper and lower halves of the shield separate
  • Visualize energy exiting the crown, where the energy from the waist is entering, and covering the well-like hole left by the energy from your waist
  • Finally visualize energy exiting the soles of the feet and covering the well left by the energy from the waist that is entering at the soles of the feet
  • When no longer needed discontinue sending energy out of the body and the shield will dissipate
  • Intake and Ground

    • Shields may be intented as per screens to give them different effects
    • Shields for defense may be intented to have a mirror-like surface to reflect energy away from the body, to refract energy, or to absorb energy, as well as any other intent that might be thought of

    • The more complex the shield the more energy it consumes in creation and upkeep. It is extremely important to Intake fully before shielding to prevent energy debt.
    • If shielding is needed for long periods of time care should be taken to Intake and keep your energy levels up.
    • Be sure to thoroughly screen and remotely Intake energy if in a defensive situation

    • ITB: 5 to 30 minutes depending on technique
    • AAW: Time depends solely on the complexity of the technique