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Shields, Screens and Filters (Article)
by Zeus

The person following a psi path is constantly working with energy as well as interacting with it. Over time and depending on the circumstances a person may come into contact with charged energy, or encounter energy that may be detrimental to their physical and mental self. In light of these issues a psychic will find it necessary to have some means of personal protection in their ability repertoire. The most notable means of energetic protection for any psychic is the shield.

A shield is normally a layer of energy surrounding the body, which insulates or minimizes the impact of outside energy interaction on an individual. Shields are most often needed by empaths and sensitives; however everyone can benefit from their use when faced with highly charged situations. The shield is commonly meant to be a buffer zone between energy in the universal and internal energy. A shield’s energy is classed as intented internal energy since the energy forming it originates from a specific person. A non-intented shield would be little more than an extra covering of energy for other interaction to pass through. In order to create the desired buffering effect the energy a person puts into the shield must include a specific intent to create the shielding outcome that is desired. The representation of a shield as well as what is accomplished with it is directly related to the psychic’s creativity and available energy. In general the shield is meant to stop directed energy patterns and gross energy changes from reaching the person inside the shield. The shield may accomplish its task through absorbing, reflecting, refracting, or diminishing the energy that comes into contact with it. The reflecting shield carries an intent to bounce the energy hitting it directly back towards its origin. Along the same lines the refracting intent bounces energy from the shield, but instead of heading it back towards its origin the energy is bounced in a direction not of its original path. Absorbing shields are often short lived as it can take a lot of energy to neutralize incoming energy interactions, and as the name suggests this type of shield absorbs the energy that contacts it. The final commonly used shield type is the diminishing shield which doesn’t actually stop energy from reaching the body instead it muffles or mutes the energy before it reaches the body to reduce the amount of contact interaction. When choosing which type of shield to intent the psychic must take care to match the shield with their surroundings and the type of energy interacting with them.

Throughout the shield creation process a psychic must be aware of the amount of energy consumed by their shields. Though actually creating the shield isn’t overly taxing each interaction of the shield with outside energy reduces its strength and effectiveness. Some psychics find it best for them to create a shield and when it loses its effectiveness to create another shield; however in high stress environments this may create a never-ending cycle. The more widely accepted shield energy management practice is to have connections with the shield to continuously feed it energy. This ensures that the shield is always in peak shape, but a psychic must be careful not to enter into energy debt using the fed-shield method. Energy debt is more of a threat to a psychic in highly energetic areas where interaction with the shield is great. Shields can also be energetically modified with other intents to accomplish other tasks.

Shields modified to certain specific purposes are referred to as either screens or filters. Screens are essentially thin sheets of intent impregnated energy that do not encompass the body. Filters are actually much the same as screens though filters most often are referred to when working on an atomically small scale, or with energy itself. To shift the shield to a screen a psychic’s intent is simply changed from whole-body protection to specific area needs. Filters are often found within connections to neutralize energy and protect the connected individual from exchanging charged energy. Screens on the other hand are more often used in healing situations where large amounts of static energy needs to be changed or sifted through. The roles are interchangeable though and preference of referral is up to the individual psychic.

Shields, screens and filters are all a means of ensuring personal protection and are absolute necessities in a psychic’s understanding of psi.