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Auras (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Visualization
  • Aura Theory
  • Energy Manipulation

  • To see the Aural Energy colours, patterns, and strength of yourself and others

    1. Physically seeing your own aura
  • Centre and Intake before beginning this technique
  • Place the dominant hand on a piece of blank white paper (regular computer printer paper works well) with the fingers slightly spread
  • Stare at the hand intently without blinking, if possible, for 30 seconds
  • After 30 seconds blink normally and begin looking between the fingers, or off to the side of the hand
  • After awhile you will being to see colour along the edges of the fingers, or hand
  • The colour you see may be one solid colour, but is more often three separate colours, or a mix thereof. The colour(s) should be noted as this/these is/are the current Aural Energy colour(s)

    2. Seeing auras through visualization
  • Centre and Intake before beginning this technique
  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself standing in a dark room
  • If your visualization shows you in colour change it so that you are looking at a "grey-out" or "shadow" figure of yourself
  • During your visualization concentrate on the outline of yourself and visualize the image showing your Aural Energy
  • The edge of your visualized self will begin to glow in colour
  • Note the colour(s) as it/they is/are the current Aural Energy colour(s)

    • To physically see another person's aura switch your hand for theirs on the blank paper and repeat technique 1
    • When viewing another person's aura via visualization begin in the same manner as with yourself, but use either a representation of the other person in your visualization, if you know what they look life, or a generic pattern of a person if you do not. Visualize the image of the person glowing with their Aural Energy and not your own. The visualized image will begin to show their colours and not your own
    • When you are able to visualize with your eyes open then using the visualization technique overlaid onto a person you can physically see is a much preferred method as it takes less time and is easier to do

    • There is a strong risk of connecting with others during the visualization of auras, so be sure to keep a strong hold on your energy and be aware of what it is doing

    • ITB: 15 to 60 minutes depending on technique and visualizing ability
    • AAW: 5 to 30 seconds depending on technique and exploration