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Intaking Energy (Article)
by Zeus

Psychism relies on the use of a person's Aural Energy (AE) to produce specific outcomes. Though the body does use Aural Energy in its daily activities a good portion of that energy is considered surplus and is simply radiated from the body forming a person's aura. When a psychic technique is performed the amount of surplus energy relates directly to the strength of the outcome. Aural Energy is primarily stored, or pooled in the chest and head, so it is from this reserve of Internal Energy (IE) that psychic's draw their "power."
Relying on the amount of stored energy is usually fine, but psychism tends to use more energy then the body normally produces, which can lead to a state known as Energy Debt. Energy Debt begins to occur when the body's total Aural Energy is below 40% capacity. In severe situations a person may get into a situation where they are using energy as their body produces it, and while the body will increase supply to meet demand this puts a great amount of stress on body systems. In over-producing energy the body also tends to increase its temperature, which can lead to physical dehydrations, so it is imperative to have an ample supply of refreshing liquid available (drinks with a lot of electrolytes are best). Not all paths agree to Intaking Energy in order to avoid Energy Debt, so before getting into a situation where intaking is critical be sure to fully understand all guidelines of a path in psi.
Intaking Energy is done simply to replace the Internal Energy used during psychic activity. Energy is brought in from the universal through neutralizing screens and becomes, or replaces a person's used Aural Energy. Because all energy is the same in a neutral state it does not matter that the intaken energy did not originate from the body itself. Energy interacts and any neutral intaken energy will acquire the charge and signature of its host quickly making it virtually indistinguishable from their own body-produced Aural Energy. For those paths that allow the intaking of energy it is recommended that the technique be done before and after any use of psychic abilities with a good grounding after the final intaking session to prevent Energy Burnout.
The body has a finite capacity for Aural Energy and often an intaking session will move a person beyond what would be their normal holding limit for energy. For short time frames of up to six hours (with 12 hour breaks) being over the body's energy capacity is not harmful. After about six hours the body begins to adversely react if it is holding too much energy. To begin the body will slow, or even shutdown its own production of energy and begin to radiate the excess energy in large quantities. Unfortunately, this process often leads to the body going into Energy Debt before it begins to produce energy again and slow the dissipation of energy from the body, in the form of an aura. During this time a person will often have muscle spasms as well as a feeling of elation that drops into depression. The process of Energy Burnout is often related to a that of a drug induced state.
The balance of Aural Energy can be compared to the more physical balance of oxygen a carbon dioxide in the body. Though carbon dioxide is a waste product if there is not a balance of it in the body a person may die. Aural Energy is a waste product (essentially), but it is still essential to the proper continuance of life. If a person is utilizing psychic abilities it is often critical that they properly intake routinely to ensure balance in their energy.