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Grounding (Article)
by Zeus

In any instance of psi one uses energy to create desired outcomes. Constant use of energy intentionally, or not will create imbalance throughout the body and in the case of psi this imbalance is energetic in nature. In order to combat energetic imbalance and bring the body back into a natural balance a person must actively utilize some technique, which is a technique referred to as grounding.

Grounding actually allows a person to come to equilibrium energetically, so that they may ensure that they do not cause harm to their physical body through internalizing too much energy for too long. Though the energies used in psi are not electrical the act of grounding uses the same basic principle of transferring excess energy from one matter body, or medium to another. In housing construction it is often mandatory to ensure all electrical outlets, appliances, etc are grounded so that if there is a short, or build-up of energy in the circuit the extra electricity can easily find its way along the provided pathway to the earth. The earth is used because it happens to be the closest large mass object, which means its mass is able to accept extra energy. What is happening in the electricity’s case is that the earth is absorbing the excess current that the circuit shouldn’t have, but does because of a potential problem. Grounding in psi works along the same framework. Energy that has built up in the body is channelled along provided paths to the earth, so that harm does not come to the individual.

After prolonged periods of both unintentional and intentional psi use energy normally associated with psi (auric energy) will build-up and concentrate in different areas of the body. This concentration of energy can impede the natural flow of energy within the body, which can cause weakened abilities as well as certain physical maladies. Usually the physical aspects associated with not grounding are constrained to aches and pains; however physical problems may extend into headaches, psychological problems, and in the case of stagnated concentrations make a breeding ground for disease. With the physical possibilities of imbalance in mind one can easily see the potential healing aspects that are gained through grounding.

Grounding is a part of what is referred to as “the basics of psi” simply because it serves such an important role in ensuring a person is in the correct condition to create the strongest intents and quickest, correct outcomes. During preparation for higher level psi techniques, and when running through the basics only, grounding should precede centring which should be completed before intaking. Following the basics in the manner laid out ensures the proper balance and flow before engaging in higher level intent creation. Grounding should also be done after completing a psi session to rid the body of excess energy. In implementing grounding to start and to finish a session one may ensure they both begin and end a session with their body in tune and their natural flow of energy intact.

As has been highlighted grounding is an important technique, not only because it should precede and follow any technique outside of the basics to ensure energy balance, but also because grounding helps to ensure proper physical health.