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Visualization (Practical)
by Zeus

  • Visualization Theory

  • Almost all forms of psychism use some aspect of visualization to form their intent, or in some other area of the technique itself

1. Beginners should start in subdued, harmonious surroundings (aka. A quiet room with dim lights)
  • Close your eyes
  • Imagine yourself in the middle of a field dotted with blossoming trees
    ** The imagination is great for ideas and images, but lacks the tactile environment that accompanies visualization (you can't use your five physical senses with imagination)
  • Open your eyes and relax
  • Close your eyes again, but this time visualize yourself in the field instead of imagining yourself there
  • Visualization gives tactile and emotional response, so explore the sensations that the field sends to you
  • Smell the fragrance of the blossoming trees
  • Listen to the sound of the breeze in the grasses, and the movements of the tree branches
  • Feel the breeze as it blows by you, and the sun in the sky warming you
  • Smell, taste, and feel the fresh air filling your lungs and you breathe deeply in
  • Watch the subtle movements of everything around you
  • Be conscious of any tastes that linger in your mouth due to your surroundings
  • Finally, be aware of how you feel emotionally in this setting

2. Visualization is much easier without any external distractions
  • Close your eyes and visualize a person that you know
  • Be aware of their clothing and what surroundings they may be in during your visualization
  • Become conscious of any smells, tastes, feelings, etc that may accompany what you're seeing
  • Be sure to fully explore your visualization for all the sensory input that it may provide you

  • Since visualization relies heavily on intuition and other unconscious psychic abilities the first technique may be extended to incorporate remote viewing by visualizing a specific place even if you've never been there before
  • The first technique may also be extended into projecting
  • The second technique may be extended for clairvoyance, clairsentience, energy tracing, and empathy

  • This technique may lead to spontaneous energy projections to another place if a person is not familiar with themselves, their energy and their place in reality, so be sure to understand the theory before attempting the technique
  • Spontaneous connections may result from visualizing others, so it is important not to allow personal energy to trail to the actual person. Remember that connections without permission are not within accepted psi guidelines

  • ITB: 5 to 30 minutes depending on the depth of exploration
  • AAW: Time depends solely on the depth of exploration and the extensions to the technique