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Pure Energy Voice (Article)
by Zeus

Since psi is a task of the unconscious mind there must be a method for the subconscious to pass information to the conscious mind. In theory the passing of information is partially accomplished through an inner dialogue given the title Pure Energy Voice (PEV).
Pure Energy Voice acts in inner dialogue much like a moral, ethical, or conscience dialogue might, with the brain seeming to debate, or talk with itself. In normal circumstances the interaction of inner dialogues that make up natural brain function are mostly integrated and are ignored as separate entities. In order to best use some psi abilities a person must unlearn how to ignore the separate pieces of inner dialogue and be able to listen to the pieces of completed thoughts. Pure Energy Voice dialogue originates, as with all psi, in the Psi Control Centre of the brain, and is generally much quieter and more often shoved to the sidelines than other inner dialogue.
In order to understand and interpret the Pure Energy Voice an individual must often clear their mind of cluttering thoughts whether through meditation, or some other more preferred method. It seems to help if a person has completed the basics of psi before listening exclusively to the PEV because the basics put the person into a psi frame of mind. While it does take some trial and error, usually, to find the correct inner dialogue to associate with psi once the PEV is identified it is easier to revisit in the future.