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Fundamental (Article)
by Zeus

Once the decision is made to knowingly live a psi path a person should choose to incorporate the non-ability aspects of psi into their everyday life and conscious life-path before ever venturing towards learning, understanding, or burdening themselves with psi abilities. Again, any psi abilities that may eventually arise from living a psi path are nothing more than by-products and should never receive focus until one's path is firmly and seriously set. Only after a psi path is firmly entrenched should any individual begin to explore the deeper, or ability aspects of psi.
In the beginning, the only real aspect of a psi path and psi abilities that should be known upfront is why a psi path and its related personal growth aspects and extra-normal abilities work. Unfortunately the best explanation to this point is still only theoretical and so will prove unsatisfactory to many, but no theory should be discounted outright, without first exploring its viability and footing. The Pure Energy path through psi theorizes that everything at its most basic form is energy. This Fundamental Energy, as it is called, generates the base for all interactions that are created in a psi path and that form psi abilities. Without delving into quantum aspects of energy, or theoretical science it is known that relatively small, energized items appear within a given area most of the time when measured, but also seem to appear where the observer expects to find them at times of measuring as well. It has been shown that two objective observers can record differing results when attempting to measure minute particles and energy, because of this apparent uncertainty. Of course science and psi both have theories regarding this phenomenon, but the important aspect is that this apparent uncertainty principle exists and that uncertainty seems to occur all the time.
Relating the information back to a Pure Energy path; it is theorized that because everything in its base form is energy and since energy is proven, via science, to always interact with other energy that psi and its aspects are able to occur. Breaking things down, this means simply that since there is always an aspect of uncertainty in existence that uncertainty may be influenced by the internal, or external expectations of an individual.
What should be understood from all of this is that the general workings of a psi path are based on theory and nothing more. Critics will argue theories and aspects into the ground attempting to disprove them, and those that are pro-psi will counter with legitimate relationships and theorized proofs. Neither the pro, nor con aspects matter in psi, only each individual's reasonable expectations, because of the apparent uncertainty of existence. This is based both on scientific uncertainty theories and psi theory.
Why psi works is still a proof shrouded in theoretical scientific and psi mystery, but with the mysteries set momentarily aside, and in the end, psi works because an individual expects it to.