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Life With Psi
by Zeus

Almost every person that catches a glimpse of their psychic, or magick abilities and even those that are simply curious tend to explore further into the realm of psi. What most people do not understand is how profoundly such an innocent exploration can alter lives. Just as curiousity is said to have killed the cat, innocent exploration of psi changes everything that one knew before they began. A person cannot search for understanding in the techniques and writings of psi without opening themselves up to a whole new life and an entirely different way of interacting with the reality of the world.
Once a person begins their path in psi there is no turning back and what was once a stable way of dealing with everything around them will no longer be stable. There are many reasons for this shift in a person's life. Within psi a person carries a lot of responsibility, must understand themselves and understand energy. Each aspect that a person changes about their own self changes how they interact with their surroundings. One of the most common errors a psychic will encounter as they progress in psi is to understand the changes happening to them, but not alter how they interact with those around them. As soon as one becomes psychically aware it is no longer okay to send broadcasts chaotically into reality and it is no longer okay to emotionally unbalance surrounding energies. The psychic must immediately take responsibility for themselves and for their effect on their surroundings. It is no longer okay to say that it is all the other people not seeing it from a certain point of view for the psychic must grasp and understand the total concept of energy interacting to create all sides of a situation.
The reality that each person lives within is created with energy by thought. Psychic understanding allows a person to shift and bend reality to accomplish certain goals and in doing so the psychic must also come to understand the total affect that their shifting and bending has. Many people shun the responsibility aspects of psi simply because they feel they are not important, or because they are rushing to accomplish a certain goal. What these people do not understand is that one cannot accomplish the more difficult, higher energy outcomes of psi without embracing their responsibility in using them. A person must grasp the overall concepts of energy interaction and the affects that come of it to realize and use all the techniques available in psi. This is because "you" do not matter in the greater scheme of energy.
Everything is energy. That simple statement is heard over and over again in Pure Energy Psi only because of the great importance of it. A person cannot fully appreciate the complexities of such a simple statement until they release their minds from the materialistic physical line of thinking that the modern world squeezes people into. When everything is energy then everything is changed, altered, or affected by any contact with other energy (energy interaction). And since everything is energy this means that all things are changing all the time. Each psychic must understand that each time they increase their own personal knowledge of psi they are opening their minds to new situations and they are creating new scenarios with each life they touch. A psychic must continually adapt how they deal with other beings as they change and understand more about the interactions surrounding them and become more aware.
Without meaning to a psychic that does not adapt their personality to their abilities can drive away friends and loved ones. Without change the psychic may even drive themselves into depression and melancholy that will destroy self-esteem, increase ego and negate any psi outcomes. Together with these aspects the psychic that does not change their own self will effectively create a vicious circles of nothingness and loss. The psychic in this situation is at a dead end, but luckily there is a place to go.
Exploring psi does not have to end morbidly, or sadly. Psi and awakening to the possibilities is meant to be a joyous, peaceful and enlightening path in life. The key to achieving psychic goals and not disrupting the rest of life is to truly understand the affect that a psychic awakening has on those surrounding and interacting with a psychic. When a psychic understands how a reaction in a situation creates a response in others they are able to rise above any petty emotional disturbance in a relatively neutral manner and change their personality to recreate, or keep a balanced situation. In understanding how to best work through a situation a psychic enlightens to the changes in energy through interaction and sees how to keep balance and harmony so that energy flows as it should. It is only when energy stops flowing that there are build-ups and problems in reality. Only during times without balance do problems arise.
A psychic can begin their understanding of the complexities of interaction by using the aura. If a psychic looks at another person's aura and identifies how their own energy changes that other person's energy pattern they can see how they are affecting other people. When looking at another person's aura and interacting with them if that other aura weakens, dulls, or changes towards a negative generation of energy the psychic can understand that they interact in a negative way with other people. Right away that psychic should understand it is not someone else that needs to change it is them. The psychic in question must take responsibility and change their personality and energy to create a more balanced and flowing interaction with others so harmony in interactions can be assured. If the psychic interacts with another person's energy and it does not change then the interaction is well balanced and harmonious. With psychics of this nature little needs to be done to correct their interaction, or people skills. The other side here is if the other person's aura brightens, or increases in size. Psychics that have this effect on other people are ones that through their own balance and harmony lend strength and vitality to others. Psychics that can strengthen others through interaction are actually quite rare and it only occurs with psychics that truly understand how energy interacts and flows.
The explorations of psi creates many pitfalls in a person's life, but with responsibility and understanding a psychic can overcome them and understand further the enormous complexities of psi. A psychic in simply understanding how they interact with other people can understand the interactions of energy and their own personal balance. A life in psi is one full of responsibilities and change, but also one ripe with possibility.

Psi Practice (Session 20)

You will need a partner for this session.
Begin this session by creating your energy self and preparing yourself for psi.
Within your mind using the aura seeing techniques of session 3 create a person cut-out of your partner and allow their energy to infuse into it. Study their aura. It helps to write down the colours, energy flow direction and distance it extends from your cut-out. When you have the information interact with the other person either physically, or psychically and watch the changes in their aura. This will demonstrate quite graphically exactly how your own interaction affects other people.
When you understand the change you have on other people you can work towards changing any negative curve and better yourself. In doing all of this you can create a better life in psi and increase your own psychic abilities.
Once finished remember to intake and ground to finish the session.