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Creating Reality
by Zeus

Each life that is brought into the world will live its lifetime running paths from one set, or predestined point to the next. That life must hit predestined points, but how it gets from one to the next is entirely up to it. Narrowing this slightly; each person that is born has a number of predetermined points in their life that they will encounter on their way through to death, but how they reach each point is up to them. Each person has at least one point that is the same as everyone else, death. This may be a little morbid, but it is true that every person once born chooses paths to live until they die. There are several theories that exist regarding death being predetermined, or not and Pure Energy is no exception. Pure Energy Psi runs with the theory that each person's death is predestined and there is nothing they can do to change death's plan. People will argue that they could go and stand infront of a bus tomorrow and be killed and that this shows free will in death, but the counter argument is that that person was supposed to be infront of that bus to be killed. As of right now there is no definite answer for the free will, or predetermination of death, and for this reason this session will stand with the Pure Energy definition. Added to the predetermined point of death in a person's life are several more minor points that are placed that a person will reach. Each minor point is like a checkpoint that a person must reach in order to get to the next one. Like a road race a person's life has a starting, several intermediate checkpoints and a finish. The usual difference is that a road race is run on one track, and life is not. There are infinite possibilities in life of getting from one checkpoint to the next and exactly which path a person chooses is up to them. Life is a mixture of a person's free will and preset points. This total combination of free will and predestiny is reality.
A person's reality, being a combination of predestined points and the right to choose, is ultimately what a person makes it to be. The favourite saying of Pure Energy is, "Thought is Reality." The predetermined points in their lives put off many people. It makes them think there is nothing they can do to change how their life is at any point and this is entirely untrue. While the checkpoints must be met as a person goes through life they have the choice of how to get from one checkpoint to the next. This is free will, the right to choose. A person, through their thoughts and actions, chooses exactly how they will move through their own life. So, if thought is reality is thinking something enough? The answer is that sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't. If a thought is put into a psychic intent to change a pattern, or create a pattern that a person wishes in their life than thought is enough to change that person's reality. But if a thought is just a thought than a person must take action with that thought to make it a reality. Unfortunately now comes the complexities of reality to mess up the clean-cut basis of Pure Energy's favourite saying.
A person's reality is nothing but energy in a pattern. Since reality is patterned energy and energies interact this means that any energy a person's reality comes into contact with changes the pattern of that energy and in turn a person's reality. All this comes back to energy interaction. A person's reality, if left alone and untouched by anything else, will lay itself out exactly as that person wishes, or thinks. In the "real world" nothing is able to be so isolated that it will not interact with other energy. A person's reality will lay itself out as close to that person's wishes as can be done by the amount of energy it is given and the amount of energy a person has. If a person's reality comes into contact with another person's reality that is much stronger and has a lot more energy to it than the stronger reality will interact with and overpower the weaker reality.
When another reality overpowers a weaker person's reality than what they want as their reality may not happen unless it is also wanted by the stronger reality. The interaction of realities occurs exactly the same as the interaction of energy that is discussed in psi. Stronger overpowers weaker and can inadvertently control how the weaker energy operates. In realities this manifests as people with weak realities attaching to, or centring on people with strong realities of similar interests. By aligning themselves with a relatively strong reality a person that has little energy is able to have more control over their own life eventhough their reality is overpowered by the stronger reality. The amount of extra control a person gains by centring on a strong reality is given by how much leeway the stronger reality gives to the weaker ones, or how flexible the centred person is. The arrangement can be beneficial to all parties involved in the sharing of realities. The stronger, or centred reality gains even more energy to ensure what they wish to happen does and the weaker realities gain increased control while decreasing their chances of being thwarted by another strong reality. A person can determine who their reality centre is easily by realizing whom it is they depend on when an unfavourable situation arises against their wishes for reality. If a person relies mainly on himself or herself then they probably have a relatively strong reality that isn't interacted on often by other forces and that person has no need to join into a shared reality. If, however, a person realizes that when things happen unfavourably and spontaneously in their life they seek help from another person and that person is the one they "run" to most often for help than that other person is most likely the reality centre. It is also possible and common for people to have several different reality centres. Each reality centre is relied on to correct different situations in that person's life, because there is not enough influence in that area from another reality centre. It isn't uncommon for those with weaker realities to have upwards of six reality centres that they rely on to keep their life working the way they wish.
Reality grouping actually explains a lot about life. Countries, teams, etc all have leaders, or captains that everyone relies on to make their lives run as close to the way they expect as possible. It is impressively tiring work for a leader to be the centre of people's realities, but they do it to give back or to realize what they want from life. If a person sees that someone with a strong reality shares many aspects than it is likely that that person will join the person with the strong reality and share the commonality of reality grouping. However, people do not all share common goals and sometimes people will leave one strong reality for another, effectively taking action for the direction of their life. This shows that even weaker realities have the free will in life to determine what direction, or path they wish to take.
So, thought is reality and reality is what a person makes of it. Creating the reality that a person wishes is as easy as understanding exactly what one wants in their life and making sure to take appropriate action to get there. Appropriate action may be as a single reality, or in a reality group, whichever is strong enough to ensure what that person wants comes about. In the end while a person is unknowingly passing their predetermined checkpoints in life they can knowingly create the reality they want for themselves by thinking and taking action on those thoughts.
The key - "Thought is Reality"

Psi Practice (Session 19)

This session requires 6 or more people working as a group. Each person will also require a pen/pencil and some paper.
Begin this session just as any other. Ground your body, neutralize your energy and create your energy self. Once finished intake energy to ensure you do not go into aural energy debt while in the practice session.
First you must determine how strong your reality is. To do this you must take an arbitrary look at your life and decided how much of what you want in life is within your grasp and how much is not. Write down 20 things that you want/have in your life (kids, money, car, house, health, etc) and then put a checkmark beside all those that you already have.
The listing breaks down as follows:
(For number of items checked)
0 - 7 items: Weak Reality
8 - 16 items: Flexible Reality
17 - 19 items: Strong Reality
20 items: Stable Reality
If you are a person with a weak reality than those things you wish in life you may not get without joining into appropriate reality groups. Perhaps what you wanted in life is not there, because you failed to take action on your thoughts and join into the correct reality grouping. Realize that your reality may be weak, but that you have the ability now that you understand it to go and get what you want in life. Find someone of similar interests with a strong reality and create a reality group with them.
If you are a person with a flexible reality then congratulations many of the things you expect from life you have. Your reality is still acted upon by other realities that thwart your ability to reach all of the things you want though. It would be advantageous for you to find and join a reality group to work towards those extra things in life.
If your reality is strong than it is most likely that you are also a reality centre and that people turn to you to ensure that their own lives work the way they wish. Having a strong reality it is unlikely that joining a reality grouping yourself will help in life situations, but remember to acknowledge and help those that work with you, because they are the ones that keep your reality strong.
If you are lucky enough to have a stable reality than there is no point in joining a reality group. You are definitely the reality centre for many people and it is likely you understand how realities interact and how best each person can achieve the goals they have set out in their lives.
In psi, as in life, joining a reality group can help immensely. For the purpose of this practice you will have to get together a group of people (6 or more is best) and determine who has the strongest reality. Once the reality centre for this practice is identified then each other person can connect with them to create a psi group capable of much more together than on their own. Since each person is able to use the influence of the combined reality strength of a central person they are able to better create psi outcomes.
Once you have created a psi reality group through connections try a difficult technique such as the paper moving telekinesis technique of session 10. You should notice that it is much easier and that there is more control over your own abilities in this form of teamed effort.
Once you have finished experimenting be sure to unhook from the person that was acting as the centre of the psi reality group and each person should remember to intake.
Thought is reality, but combined thought creates stronger realities. Teamwork.
The best and essential keys to the rest of psi!