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Personal Meditations
by Zeus

Meditations have been used throughout history to identify, and solve problems as well as being useful tools to adapt to new techniques. All people interested in psi have more than likely run across numerous different methods for meditating depending on what the meditation is supposed to accomplish. Most Pure Energy meditations require a psychic to be in a calm and balanced environment where they will not be disturbed and where they are able to focus solely on their own thoughts and intents. The major difference between a meditation and an actual technique is that a meditation must be done while stationary and a technique may be done at any time. In many cases, because there is more focus while meditating the meditative adaptation of the technique is more successful than the psi technique alone.
Healing meditations incorporate psychic healing techniques to heal problem areas of the body as well as to identify possible future problems. Pure Energy uses two adaptive meditations for healing. The first meditation for identifying, or healing problem areas is for personal use. The psychic must close their eyes (and keep them closed throughout the meditation) and calm their mind, and body to a point where they focus on their own breathing pattern and nothing else. Once this is accomplished the psychic takes time to look over their entire body piece by piece (usually starting at the feet and working up) in their mind. Any areas within the body that appear to have problems then can be dealt with in the meditative state by using regular healing techniques. The incorporation of regular healing techniques into the meditative state is the adaptive part of this meditation. Healing in the meditative state is often times more successful than just performing a technique since a psychic is assured their entire being is focused on performing the healing. The second healing meditation technique is for healing other people. This meditation requires a true telepathic connection with the person in question before the psychic enters into the meditative state. When the true connection is in place the psychic can then close their eyes and look through their own body as before, but will see the other person's body in actuality, because of the true telepathic connection. While in this state if a psychic finds a problem they can adapt the meditation and include hands off, or remote healing techniques to help the person they are connected to. It is important to remember though that the healing technique must be done on the other person eventhough the psychic is looking at their own body.
Personal information meditations are another type of personal meditation. When a psychic is looking for answers to a question, or problem they may wish to enter a meditative state to allow their mind time and energy to solve, or answer. Just like problem solving in the dream state when a psychic problem solves in the meditative state all of their body's resources are available to deal solely with the problem and nothing else. This meditation begins with a psychic identifying the question they wish answered, or the problem they need solved. With the problem in mind the psychic must close their eyes and focus solely on that question in their mind. In this type of meditation it can help to focus the question in the psi control centre, so psychic energy can also be used to solve, or answer what is asked. An adaptation of this technique is to focus the question into the PCC and then concentrate energy into the PCC with the intent to solve, or answer the question before starting the meditation. It is important to remember that with personal information meditation a psychic must enter the meditative state with their eyes closed, so that the outside environment does not distract the conscious mind from helping to solve the problem.
Projection meditations and viewing meditations are adaptations of the regular psi techniques. Both meditations must be done with the eyes open and staring at a blank white wall. In the projection meditation the psychic must focus solely on projecting an image of their body, or a portion of their conscious self to another place. No distractions must interfere with the focus. The eyes are kept open, because with this technique the brain interprets what the projection sees as coming from the physical eyes and closed eyes reveal nothing but darkness. With this meditation what is experienced is only in the mind, but the brain does interpret all the senses experienced as coming from the physical body. In rare instances the brain can interpret major physical harm to the body if something happens to the projection and go into shock. For this reason it is important only to use this meditation technique to project to relatively safe areas. The viewing meditation comes from the remote viewing technique. The meditation is done with the eyes open, because again the brain interprets visual information as coming from the physical eyes. With this meditation the psychic must enter the calm and balance of the meditative state while focusing only on the area they wish to see. It is important to remember that the projected, or viewed visual may not be completely opaque and block out what the eyes are actually seeing which is why a plain white wall works best.
Many other techniques can be adapted into the meditative state, but as can be seen each one requires meditative focus and knowledge of the basics of meditating. Meditations are really just times when a psychic deals with a very limited number of stimuli at once and usually blocks out their immediate environment. In everyday life people multi-task continuously between their five senses, psi, conversations, actions etc. The goal of meditating is to remove all the unnecessary stimuli and take the psychic into a sleep-like state without actually sleeping. When the body is asleep everything is still going full boar, but there is very little awareness of any outside stimuli. The body is able to devote almost all its resources that aren't being used for general life processes to whatever the brain is thinking, or doing. That exact experience of devoting all but the most essential resources to a task is what meditations should accomplish. Meditations should be done in quiet relaxing environments. Some meditations do require a psychic to use music, but often times this only serves to distract some resources to interpret the auditory stimuli so music isn't necessary. The position a psychic chooses for meditation is important. It must be a comfortable position, but also one that the psychic will not fall asleep in since the goal of meditating is to simulate the sleep-state. The usual position for meditation is cross-legged with a straight back to promote deep breathing, but whatever is most comfortable should be used. The hands should be clasped, or the fingers interlaced to allow the body's energy to flow easily from one side to the other and to promote total body energy balance. Before trying to enter the meditation the psychic should be sure to ground, centre and balance as they would before any psi technique, so the body is fully able to deal with any situation one might wish to deal with in meditation. A meditation begins with the eyes open, or closed as per the meditation instructions and using the breathing pattern as a guide to the level of the meditative state. Since the goal is to reach a sleep-state while still awake the breathing cycle needs to be slow, deep and rhythmical. Once breathing correctly is achieved a psychic must pass several neutralizing screens over their body to ensure the best balance to focus on their meditation. Finally after all of these things are achieved, or finished the psychic can then focus on the intent for their meditation.
It can take many sessions before a psychic achieves the level of success with their meditations that they wish, but learning how to meditate is a wonderful thing to learn. Achieving personal balance and dealing with ego issues is also much simpler with meditation, so using meditation can actually go back to helping increase a psychic's success with their regular psi techniques.

Psi Practice (Session 17)

Begin as with any technique by creating the energy self, intaking and grounding.
By following the outline in the theory portion of this class allow yourself to enter into a meditative state and check yourself over for general physical health. If you find any problem areas, or potential problem areas adapt the meditation by incorporating the healing technique to heal the area.
Once finished intake immediately, because meditation can take a lot of energy out of you and then be sure to ground again.