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Nature's Homecoming
by Zeus

The earliest forms of psychism and magick known are tied very closely with nature. With modern science being only a few hundred years old early psychics and magickians relied on nature to explain how outcomes were possible. Almost all techniques developed for psi before about 1750 used nature as their basis and power form. Back then the world was categorized into elements like fire, water, earth, air, and sometimes spirit, or life. Everything that existed held characteristics of one, or more elements and that explained how the technique worked and interacted. Modern science has since done away with the idea that matter is built by any of the old elements; however some psi ritual still clings to the old ways. Those who practiced psi in history may have been wrong about the elemental make-up of the world, but most of their psychic techniques and magick is explainable in the modern scientific method and in Pure Energy Psi.
The strongest base from which to explain why old magick and psychism works even when its base theory is incorrect is the Pure Energy fundamental that everything is energy. With everything being energy and all energy interacting with other energy it can be seen that some groupings of energy work in specific ways. Put in different terms ordered energy, or matter can be grouped together into categories of molecules that act certain ways. All the matter acts in certain ways in the categories, because the base energy they are made of is almost the same and so they interact with other energy very similarly. As an example of modern scientific groupings the Noble Gas family (helium etc) is a composed of inert gases. Predicting how each Noble Gas will interact with other modern elements is easy simply by understanding the characteristics of the base group, or family it belongs to. In this manner old science and new science hold groupings of objects and matter based on the characteristics they exhibit.
Most modern psi techniques, including Pure Energy, have roots back to the days of nature even if some are explained more scientifically than others. The reason most techniques moved to a more scientific explanation is for easier proof and understanding, as nature isn't seen as clean-cut as science. The technique of grounding that is so important to any psi is rooted right back to nature. Grounding involves a person being connected with the Earth. The Earth is the closest celestial body to all humans and so grounding to it makes sense to bring a psychic, or magickian's energy into balance with the largest object around them. Grounding can be done to any area, or void in existence, but doing so is not recommended since being grounded to another star, or planet does not necessarily make one grounded on Earth. The need to ground to the Earth is simple. Grounding brings back a balance to the amount of energy within any psychic and since the Earth is so large in comparison it can hold a large amount of energy to give, or accept energy from psychics to balance. There are better ways to ground than laying hands on bare earth though. The more contact with earth and the deeper one can reach into the earth the more effective the grounding will be. To that end grounding to a deep-rooted plant, like a tree, is very desirable. Trees are able to convey a huge amount of energy to, or from the earth with little effect to them thanks to their trunk and root structure. But element groupings and grounding using plants are just small examples of the connection of all psi to nature.
The out of doors type of nature, the kind that most city dwellers have no idea about is the real key to healthy psi. The reason for this is the enormous quantity of energy that is shared throughout nature by all plants and animals. Remember that every living being (plant or animal) radiates energy and broadcasts energy all the time as normal life process. Over millions of years nature has created a balance of interactions that allow for the give and take of energy. A person can experience the impressive amounts of energy literally thrown around in nature by visiting an old-growth forest. Many rituals of old had to be done in forested areas, or meadows where life teemed. Psi needs energy to accomplish its tasks and intaking draws energy in, but it must come from somewhere. The earth has an abundance of energy to balance any person's intaking, but natural areas where the amount of external energy is heightened allows a psychic to internalize even more energy resulting in even more impressive psi outcomes. A psychic is able to internalize more energy in natural surroundings because nature has evolved for the free flow of energy from being to being. In nature there are no huge non-living obstructions to hinder the flow of energy like in the cities. Cities are littered with buildings and pavement. Pavement is the scourge of modern life. The earth is not able to readily accept and give energy through pavement, as it is not a natural form of energy passing material. Modern cities are set-up for ease of life, but they cut off the open transfer of energy that all life craves. Watching energy interaction in a city atmosphere one will see a heightened incidence of energy vampirism and other stealing simply because there is not enough external energy to go around unless someone else balances, or brings in energy. Urban settings are not able to provide as much energy to psychics either and so sometimes connecting to the Earth in alternate locations from the where they are is desirable.
A psychic, or magickian can keep a filtered connection open to nature to help continually balance and increase their energy. The connection can be done with a healthy tree of sufficient size (30cm in diameter), or to an area of the world that harbours a large natural area. This connection can be left in place to ease the energy squeeze of modern life; however in attacked situations it should be closed. The nature connection brings back the free energy transfer that is meant to be back into the modern life without having to give up any of the modern conveniences. In affect it brings nature home.

Psi Practice (Session 16)

Prepare yourself for psi in the normal way by creating your energy self.
Connecting to nature can be done in several ways, but the most common are to either connect with a large tree, or to remotely connect to an area with significant untamed wilderness. This practice session will explore both possibilities.
To connect with a tree you must first pick a suitable connection tree. The tree should be healthy and large enough (at least 30cm diameter) to support the feed of energy you need during psychic activity. Choosing a tree that has significance to you also helps the connection. Begin by using the same sort of connection you might use during a telepathic session and connect yourself to your tree of choice. The tree does not have a PCC, but connecting to the top of the trunk where the branches begin to sprout is about the same sort of energy focal point for the tree. The connection you use should be one that is able to support 2-way energy transfer from you to the tree and the tree to you. Once the connection to the tree is established and as long as it is in place there is no need for you to use the grounding technique since it acts as a permanent energy balancer for you.
After playing with your tree connection for a little while disconnect yourself from the tree to try the second type of nature connection.
Connecting to a remote location on the earth that harbours large amounts of nature allows you to intake energy and ground yourself without having to compete for energy in an urban setting. This technique isn't as crucial if you do not live in a densely populated area, but if you do it can be a psychic's energy lifeline. The picture provided with this practice session has been connected to its point of origin in Northern Ontario, Canada. The picture is of a remote section of Canada that has old-growth areas and vast natural surroundings. There is no need to connect to the actual place in this session, because the connection is already set up, so connect directly with the picture. The 2-way connection with the picture and indirectly with the actual natural setting allows you to pull energy from the natural free give and take areas of the world. Keeping a connection to an area such as this allows you to internalize more energy and makes centring and balancing so much easier. The energy is also more relaxed than that of urban sprawl.
Once you are finished disconnect from the picture and decide which method, the tree, or remote nature connection you feel more comfortable with. Once you have a decision pick your tree, or spot and connect. Guaranteed you'll feel nature's homecoming and your new beginning in psi.