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Meditating to Oneness
by Zeus

It is well known that in order to perform any psi effectively one must be centred, neutral, and have balance. Psi abilities thrive best on efficient transfer of intent and energy from the conscious to the unconscious and vice versa. What isn't often revealed is why it is so important to have all of these factors together. The reason goes back to the fundamentals of psi. Everything at the most basic is energy. All the energy that exists interacts in some shape, or form with other energy as it moves, or is manipulated. This interaction of energy reduces the overall effectiveness of any psi technique as it tends to unbalance the energy and reduce the overall outcome leeway that is available from the standard 15%. Reducing the ego helps to overcome imbalance in external energy interactions and personal balance creates less internal energy interaction imbalance leaving more leeway for outcomes. But there is still a major hurdle to overcome. A psychic, or magickian must understand that everything, everywhere, everytime is energy. The only difference between mattered energy and non-mattered energy is the order it takes and the concentration it has. Tangible matter has highly ordered and greatly concentrated energy where non-mattered areas have low order energy and reduced concentration. They are both still energy, just different forms of it. Even internal and external energy are just categories to differentiate between where the energy is and who, or what has the ability to interact with it the most.
In order to have effective psi techniques one must be able to seamlessly flow energy into the correct interaction in order to have a perfect outcome. A psychic, or magickian must be able to transfer their own intent and charge beyond their concentrated body to the object, or objects they are to effect. When one achieves both ego and personal balance there is only a small bump between the different categories of energy, but still enough to reduce the effectiveness of a technique by half. That being known, without personal and ego balance an outcome may fail only because there is too much of a self-imposed difference between energy categories. Once a person in psi achieves personal balance and leashes their ego they have one final step to become the best in psi that they can possibly be. The person must reach Energy Oneness, or simply Oneness.
Oneness is more a state of thinking than anything else. It is a point where the psychic, or magickian realizes there is no difference between matter, and non-matter and between internal, and universal energy. Everything is energy and can be seamlessly seen as one giant reality. A person that reaches the reality of energy often expresses emotion at being far larger than they are, and understanding far more than they ever have before, because all energy carries knowledge of some sort and being able to understand it stems only from realizing it is the same as they are. Oneness is a state that a psychic, or magickian reaches where there is no self, only energy. It is a separate reality from the everyday. The human brain cannot often comprehend the entirety of the experience of oneness and will arbitrarily put in common solutions it understands to energy it recognizes, but overall the brain will interpret the experience of oneness as being extremely large, knowledgeable, truthful, and powerful. Energy Oneness is a personal triangle of power that any psychic, or magickian carries with them. It is the peak of psi growth. With a realized energy reality a person is able to link the conscious and unconscious without active thought and become larger than they are. When a psychic, or magickian reaches a point where they can enter the energy reality they can extend beyond any physical boundaries of their abilities to accomplish much more. There are still limitations on the length of time a person can hold oneness based on energy, but for short periods the possibilities are almost limitless.
Throughout the years psi has produced many techniques to accomplish oneness, but none is so readily accepted, or as easy as meditation. There are several different ways of meditating, but as with any technique Pure Energy combines many together to come up with an efficient one. The technique is called Oneness Meditation, or Meditating to Oneness. While it is true that a psychic must have personal balance, and have their ego under control to achieve oneness it is possible to use psi techniques to temporarily achieve both and in doing so to temporarily achieve oneness. In most cases the oneness will only last for a few short minutes simply because of the amount of energy needed to comprehend it and intaking during energy reality does no good since there is no distinction between the energies. What people must keep in mind is that eventhough there is no distinction in the mind between energy the brain still will make a distinction and not be able to use the linked universal energy as internal energy to elongate the experience. Once there is no longer enough energy internalized to continue the process the oneness experience will end. Intaking before entering the energy reality is therefore critical.
Achieving oneness is understanding that with energy there are no differences anywhere, anytime.

Psi Practice (Session 15)

Before beginning the Meditating to Oneness technique you must ready yourself for psi as usual plus you must do the techniques to temporarily create personal balance and ego control if you do not already hold them permanently.
Begin Meditating to Oneness by visualizing a three-sided pyramid above the head. This pyramid should have clear sides, so that you can see energy as it is drawn in. Next create an intent for the pyramid to intake and concentrate a great amount of energy within it. The energy within the pyramid will appear either visually, if you are able to see energy physically, or mentally, if you can feel it, to be golden, or white once there is a sufficient quantity concentrated. At this point stop the pyramid's intent to intake and concentrate energy and allow the energy within the pyramid to simply remain there through intent.
The next step is to send neutralizing screens down around the body. Begin by visualizing the screen at the top of the head and then allow them to travel down the body one after another. Three is usually enough to bring the body's energy into stream with the technique.
Through intent open the bottom of the pyramid and allow the energy concentrated inside it to flow down and over the body. The energy from the pyramid will flow first over the skin and then slowly make its way into the body and interact with internal energy to create a bridge between the pyramid's concentrated universal energy and your own internal energy. When the bridge between the two energies is made there will no longer be any energy in the pyramid and it will dissipate as a visualization. The bridged energies you now possess allow you to work as something larger than yourself. Calm yourself by breathing deeply and relaxing every muscle in your body.
The next step is purely mental. You must make yourself realize that there is only energy around you, in you and of you. The best way to do this is to create intent that there is only energy and then repeat to yourself (either out loud, or in your head) that there is only energy. Close your eyes and continue this for a couple of minutes. You will know you have reached the Oneness when you suddenly feel as if you're physically being pulled down. Do not fight this sensation, it is natural for this technique. The downward pulling sensation is caused by shifting realities from your everyday reality to the energy reality. After this sensation stops you will notice that you feel expanded and open. At this point exploring your oneness is up to you.
The technique will continue as long as you have internalized energy to support it. When the technique is coming to an end you will have warning by suddenly becoming light headed and sometimes even a little dizzy. Upon the conclusion of your oneness session immediately intake. It is extremely important to remember not to repeat the meditation technique again before fully intaking.
It is important to note that the Oneness Meditation works better when a person has permanent personal balance and ego balance, but that temporary techniques only reduce its effectiveness slightly.