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Ego, Self-Esteem and Psi
by Zeus

As a psychic progresses along their path in psi and realizes the importance of personal balance they also begin to understand that ego and self esteem work hand in hand with forward psi progress. Personal balance is important to keep the psychic's affect on their given area small, but a psychic's affect on other beings in their surroundings can be just as crucial. If a psychic unwittingly unbalances other beings in their surroundings than they can reduce the amount of leeway their outcomes have just as if they are out of personal balance. If a psychic is unfortunate to be out of balance and affecting those in their surroundings than psi outcomes can be nullified and nothing will happen no matter how hard a psychic tries. Remember that there is only 15% of the energy balance to use during psychic outcomes and that if that is all used by the psychic and those in the surroundings there is nothing left for the technique to use. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to demonstrate psychic abilities to skeptics.
The part of the psychic that affects external energy the most is the ego. The ego is broadcast continuously from a person just like the aura, but the ego actually reaches farther (sometimes up to several hundred metres). The ego when stripped down is what people express of themselves and also what people expect others to think of them. When there is a lot of ego being broadcast from a person that person can actually unbalance their given area enough that any outcomes they try to create have only a few percentage points of leeway. It is always best for any psychic to suppress their ego as much as possible in order to keep their given area balanced and neutral. In doing this a psychic has a better chance of having a strong outcome. To reduce the affect of ego on their given area a psychic should not expect too much of others. This one point is extremely important for psychics. A psychic must not allow their ability to create psychic outcomes to go to their head and swell their ego where they unwittingly unbalance their surroundings and reduce their own effectiveness.
A person's self-esteem is quite different from their ego. Where the ego is broadcast from a person the self-esteem is internalized. The ego may unbalance a psychic's surroundings, but the self-esteem in a way fuels the psychic abilities. A healthy self-esteem allows a psychic to feel good about themselves and in turn create stronger, more confident psychic outcomes. Psi is a little funny in that the strength of the outcome mirrors the confidence put into it. The self-esteem is what people think of and feel about their own selves. If a person is not confident in their own abilities and doubts that they are good at anything their psychic outcomes will most likely fizzle in just the same manner. A psychic that is confident that they can do a technique, even if they do not succeed on the first try, has a much better chance of getting the intents correct and fulfilling their intent of creating an outcome. The major block for the self-esteem and psychic outcomes, besides energy limitations, is self-doubt. Psychics cannot doubt their own abilities. The Psi Control Centre is controlled by the unconscious mind and if any doubt is put into the unconscious mind it triggers a fight, or flight response. This ancestral response almost always negates any conscious control over the psychic abilities and destroys intent which stops the technique immediately.
All of this psychological talk goes back to energy interaction. All psychic abilities manipulate energy in some manner and in doing so create interactions with surrounding energy. The energy interactions can be external, or internal to the psychic in either case the effect is much the same. Internal energies that create the actual psychic outcome interact with one another to orchestrate carrying out the psychic intent. If the internal energy is not able to interact and unbalance efficiently than a technique may never get beyond the beginning stages. Think of internal energy as many people talking with eachother to formulate a plan. If those people are unable to communicate with eachother because they are whispering, or stammering than an outcome cannot be made. This is the case in psychic's with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem creates unsure energy patterns and will always destroy a power triangle making hybrid psi almost impossible. If, on the other hand, the people creating the outcome can communicate easily with one another they will efficiently create a plan and carry it out. This example is for a person with good self-esteem. Psychics with healthy self-worth will see their techniques work swiftly and strongly. The other difference with doubts, and worth are speeds at which techniques are carried out. Besides the strength of the outcome the creation of the outcome can also be slowed tremendously by having doubts, or low self-esteem that hinders the internal energy's ability to create the outcome. Having a lower self-esteem also limits the amount of energy that a psychic can internalize which reduces the amount of internal energy available to a psychic technique.
Energy interaction also comes into play with the ego. The ego is really just charged energy radiated from the body. Any charged energy given off by a being will interact with energy in their surroundings and change it. All energy interactions lead to shifts in the balance of energy. The ego not only affects that energy that lies around outside of other beings, but can also alter other people's energy which then gives them the opportunity, though they may not be willingly doing it, to change the balance of energy in a given area. So, the ego affects not only outer energy, but also other beings and for these two reasons should be suppressed, or kept neutral in order to create the least amount of interactions.
Another important point in the ego and self-esteem connection is that they are inversely proportional. This means that if a person has a large ego they will not have much self-esteem. With a larger ego that person unbalances reality more creating less energy for their outcomes, and with a lower self-esteem can create smaller outcomes. People with healthy self-esteems have smaller egos and in turn unbalance reality less and have more energy available to their stronger psychic outcomes. The best analogy of the ego and self-esteem is two balloons connected by a straw. If one balloon has most of the air than the other is very small and has very little air. A psychic should try to create a position where 3/4 of the air is in the self-esteem balloon and 1/4 is in the ego balloon. The reason for this is that it is almost impossible for people not to broadcast an ego of some kind; however with time a psychic can learn to neutralize even that 1/4 that is broadcast.
Just remember: Self-esteem good, ego bad

Psi Practice (Session 14)

For this session we will be using the telepathic paper moving technique of other sessions, so you will need a piece of paper.
Begin the session by relaxing, intaking, creating your energy self and readying yourself to do psi. Remember to do this before you do ever psi technique, because it is like a runner stretching before a race, it helps to reduce strain and body stress.
First you must reduce your ego. To do this you must reduce what you expect of other people down to simple acquaintance respect. Do not expect more of other people than they will willingly give and do not make assumptions of what other people are capable of. Not having ego is about not judging others and by not judging others you do not expect to be put on a pedestal by them. Never expect other people to react to situations, or information as you would, because they are not you and doing so is egotistical. Do not judge people for their abilities, or anything else, because doing so is egotistical. What you want your ego to say is "I am happy with myself." That plain and simple phrase allows other people to approach you with more neutrality and keeps them from being charged by your broadcast ego energy.
The next step is to increase your self-esteem. Creating healthy self-worth takes a lot of time, just like personal balance, but if you break it down into manageable sections you are able to more easily create self-esteem and work well in psi. In psi your outcomes only rely on the part of your self-esteem that centres around psi. Be certain in your mind that you are confident you are able to create a certain outcome and that you are worthy of creating that outcome. Of course having overall self-confidence works better, but having good self-esteem about your abilities is enough. Yoda, of Star Wars fame, had it right when he said, "Do or do not there is no try." You must be confident you can do a technique even if you fail a few times in doing it, because doing increases your own self-confidence. Trying a technique shows you have self-doubt and usually negates intent that lowers self-esteem (the opposite effect that you're looking for).
With your ego broadcasting very little, and your psi related self-esteem high you are ready to move the paper with a telekinetic technique. Create the intent to move the paper and relax yourself being confident that the paper will move as you have stated in your intent. Release the energy from your PCC as always in the telekinesis technique and the paper will move. As you work with your intent you will see how such simple things as lower ego and higher self-esteem greatly affect a psychic's abilities.