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Morals and Balance
by Zeus

Every ordered place that exists only exists because of rules and the moral and ethical responsibility of those that reside there to follow the rules. Rules are not meant to curtail the creativity of those that live within them, nor are they meant to suppress. Any rules that are placed into a freely ordered system are there to protect those that habitat the area and to allow for a level playing field for all. Each family, city, county, and country have set rules to both protect themselves and to make reality as fair as possible. If everyone was law-abiding this would be enough, but alas not everyone is. Not every person has the same set of moral values and not everyone keeps the same sense of ethics. This creates the need for an enforcement team to ensure everyone follows the rules. The same things occur in psi. Psi has a set of rules to protest everyone and to keep reality as fair as possible. And just like other systems psi has a policing force. The two main rules of Psi are:
1. Do not make connections without consent.
2. Do not unbalance energy in a given area by more than 15%.
The first rule exists to protect everyone. It is well known that any psychic with more energy than another can pierce both shields and masks to create a connection, and that any psychic can connect to those that are undeveloped. By not allowing connections without consent, psychics are not able to change another being's energy or reality without the willing knowledge of the other party. The second rule exists to keep reality as stable for everyone as possible. By changing any reality by more than 15% a psychic can create an instability that can cascade through several realities and destroy the careful balances that make life and existence possible. The other possibility of instability is a psychic creating an unfair advantage for themselves, or for others. The problem is that energy must come from somewhere and an advantage for one creates disadvantages for others. The second rule protects the proverbial ying and yang.
The policing of the rules of psi is largely left to the morality of psychics to stick to their ethics and follow the rules. This doesn't always work, so there are signs that are given to psychics and if they aren't heeded a group takes steps to ensure the rules aren't broken again.
The usual signs for those that break (or are in danger of breaking) the first rule are:
1. Personal energy loss, or instability
2. The inability to psychically focus
3. Sudden, severe headaches
For those that breach the second main rule (or are in danger of breaking it) the signs are a little more prominent and can include:
1. Sudden and severe illness
2. Intense fire-like sensation in the brow focal point
3. Total depletion of personal energy
4. The inability to psychically focus
Psychics that do not understand, or follow the signs are dealt with on a personal basis by Guardians. The Guardians do not need to be corporeal, often they are just energy concentrations and they are everywhere. Most people do not like the idea of being constantly watched by a "big brother" but to ensure that those that do not understand the implications of their actions are dealt with the Guardians are needed. Accepting the reality that every psychic must adhere to a set of rules and be monitored is something that comes with developing psychic abilities. But following the rules does have its benefits. Those psychics that morally stick within the rule structure often advance faster, plateau later, and can internalize more energy than those that disregard, or routinely break the rules.
Over the years many techniques have been developed to help psychics stick to the rules and advance faster in the process. Psychics, to stay within the rules, must remain neutral and balanced. By remaining neutral and balanced a psychic ensures they can internalize their maximum amount of energy and that they create the least amount of impact on their surrounding. This not only opens the door for a psychic to create intense intents it also allows for more impact in their outcomes. A psychic that is not balanced and that is not neutral may affect their given area by as much as 8% meaning their outcomes can only have a 7% leeway in changing energy. A psychic that is balanced and neutral may affect their given area by only 1/4%. This small impact means that their outcomes can affect reality by a whopping 14 3/4% without breaking any rules. And the greater internal energy of the neutral psychic almost always ensures a successful. By grounding, centring, and through the use of neutralizing screens a psychic betters their psychic self easily. The major hurdle for most psychics is personal balance.
Personal balance means that a psychic must not hold within themselves any events that triggers charged reactions. This does not mean a psychic can't love, or dislike, it simply means a psychic must work to bring their internal love and hate into a balance where one does not and can not be brought out by a situation to create imbalance. A psychic must personally deal with every emotion within their being and create a balance with them. If every personal feeling is not properly dealt with an emotional response during a psychic exercise can cause a fundamental shift in the personal balance and in turn in the surrounding balance. This can cause a psychic's energy to crash, or unexpected make the psychic break one of the main rules of psi.
Charge during psychic activity is bad and imbalance is even worse. Understanding and creating the neutrality and balance needed for proper psi is possibly the hardest concept technique to grasp for any psychic, but is may also be on of the most important.

Psi Practice (Session 13)

Unfortunately it is impossible to reach personal balance in only one short session. It is often necessary to continually work towards keeping yourself in balance. Each new situation that elicits an emotional response must be identified and balanced within yourself. There are psi techniques to reach personal balance for short periods of time to allow for maximum outcomes, but they only work in situations where emotional responses are not going to be triggered by the technique itself, or any outside forces. We will work with one such technique during this session.
As with any use of psi techniques begin by creating your psychic self, centring, grounding and neutralizing. It is always important to remember to intake too, so that you hold enough energy to do the technique without wearing yourself out. Psychic abilities also have a tendency to dehydrate the body, so have something to quench your thirst close by.
This technique mimics personal balance only. It does not create personal balance, nor is the effect lasting. We will be using it to enhance a telekinetic technique for which you will need a piece of paper.
Begin by closing your eyes and listening to the sounds around you. Quiet your mind to think of only the sounds around you and those smells, and sensations that surround you. When you feel calm open your eyes and look around slowly. You should notice a crisp aspect to everything in your view as personal calm enhances the senses. Look around at everything around you. Notice how things interact in the room, and fit into the larger aspect of the sensations that are around you. Choose an item that is around you and follow its outline with your eyes. Take any visual clues from that item and then use your other senses to bring more clues forward. By doing this many psi paths explain that you are seeing the inner beauty of an object. Pure Energy defines this as seeing the energy patterns of an object. Anyway it is worded personal calm allows a person to sense a great deal more than they normally would be able to. After gaining a sense of personal calm with a single object that is around you if you slowly look around yourself you should notice the inner beauty, or energy patterns of almost all things that surround you.
Switch your visual focus to the piece of paper that is part of your telekinetic technique. With telekinesis you are going to move the piece of paper. Look at the paper and with your personal calm find the beauty in the paper and the energy patterns with which it exists where it is. Sense everything you can of the paper in your aware state. When you feel you understand the paper and feel calm enough initiate a telekinetic intent to move the paper. Remain as personally calm throughout the technique as possible and watch the inner beauty of the paper as your own energy and intent move it.
The telekinetic technique may or may not work for you depending on your internalized energy level, but the personal calm and inner beauty techniques do help in focus, and energy. Adding the personal calm technique to the beginning of a psi session also helps to create stronger outcomes, so making it routine is a good idea.