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Visualization and Energy Signatures
by Zeus

Early in childhood people learn about their imagination and how to harness it for fun and games. As years go by and children mature they learn to use their imaginations to solve problems. Problem solving stems directly from the ability of a person to imagine different solutions. There are no limits to the human reality except those set by the extent of imagination. Imagination also plays a key role in psi. All techniques began as solutions to problems that were solved by imagination. But while imagination is the key to the idea behind the technique it does no good in actually creating the technique's outcome. That is because nothing in the imagination manifests in the physical world. What is imagined cannot be created without a person actually taking steps to make that which is imagined reality.
The key to manifesting an idea is visualization. Once a person has an idea they created through the use of imagination, or once a person learns a psychic technique from another source they must manifest it in reality through visualization. Visualization is not the same as imagination as visualization will actually manifest in reality. Visualization is the piece that starts a psi outcome's progress. A psychic's Psi Control Centre is the heart of the visualization. To begin visualization a psychic must create focus and intent within the Psi Control Centre. Visualization is nothing more than another way of saying focus and intent. Creating the focus of the technique and sending the intent of the technique to the PCC will begin the manifestation of the psychic ability in reality.
So, a psychic creates a new technique with their imagination and begins its manifestation through the use of visualization. The actual manifestation of the visualization in reality is done by the psychic's own energy.
The psychic's personal energy is what creates the final outcome of psychic techniques, but personal energy is also unique to each individual. Like a fingerprint a person's energy is their own and different from everyone else's. Even identical siblings have personal energy that is unique and that can be used to tell them apart. This unique energy that each person has is referred to as an energy signature. The energy signature is not static and will change with mood, mindset and age; however the different levels that make up the entirety of the signature are always in the same proportions and thus always identifiable as belonging to a single person.
The first level of an energy signature is the aura. A person's aura is the energy that is radiated from the body as waste. Each person's aura consists of three main energy colours and though the intensity of the colours may change the colour scheme is static. This means that throughout a person's life their aura will always exhibit three main colours. Although a person's aura ebbs and flows and may show different colours depending on stress, disease, influence and environment the aura will always show a person's dominant colour scheme and pattern. This is the aura signature.
The second level of an energy signature is the nature in which a person broadcasts thoughts, emotions and various energies. Broadcasts are natural and happen at all times from every living being. There is a lot of information in a person's broadcast, but the most important, in regards to the signature, is exactly how the broadcast manifests. Some people's broadcasts are strong, others weak. People may broadcast in complete thoughts and others in fragments. Emotions and energy may broadcast all the time, or only during certain situations depending on the person. Since people are unique what and how they broadcast and when it is broadcast create a signature. To understand this level of a person's signature usually requires knowing them well, or takes a person that understands how an aura signature lends clues to the broadcast signature. The broadcast signature's strength follows very closely with the strength of a person's aura and will emit emotion as an aura shows it. So, if a psychic is able to identify a person's aura signature they can find some answers about the same person's broadcast signature. Within the confines of energy signatures the broadcast signature gives much more in depth information about a person since more information is given off with the broadcast than is shown in an aura.
The third level of an energy signature is the way in which a person's energy interacts with other energies it comes in contact with. Each living being radiates energy and so have auras and when two, or more auras come in contact the energies interact to create new patterns. Interaction of auras leaves the residue of a person's aura on another being's aura. This means that each person that comes into physical, mental, or energy contact with another person has remnants of their energy on their own aura and this can be seen as foreign energy. It is known to be foreign energy because the person's body is not radiating and renewing that portion of the energy on the aura, and usually it looks to be energy that is riding the top layer of a person's aura. Think of the energy left through interaction as dirt on a shirt. The dirt is obviously not part of the shirt, but got there by some contact with the dirt. The dirt isn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact it rarely ever is, and will be cleaned off the shirt with the next washing. In auras the energy residue dissipates over time and is cleansed by the natural renewing process of the aura. Without neutralization the usual time for residue to be renewed out of an aura is two to five days, depending on the strength of the energy interaction to begin with. The broadcasting of information also interacts with energy. Broadcasts affect auras, shields, and natural energy threads. The broadcast creates almost a trail behind a person as they move around. For a time the universal energy around a person is changed by interaction with their broadcasts, and to some extent by their aura, so that the universal energy will exhibit the same signatures as that person. People can actually be followed, or be identified as being in a certain place just by the changes their energy has made on the universal energy. As with all energy universal energy does not like to remain charged and will return to a neutral state after the person has passed beyond the interaction range, but the neutralization will be visible for up to 96 hours. Interaction of energy is an important part of communication among every species, but the way in which it is done can also be used to identify specific individuals. This is referred to as the interaction signature.
Together the aura, broadcast and interaction signatures make up the energy signature that each person continually leaves on whatever they interact with. Understanding the signature of a person helps to identify them, and in some instances in tracking them when the need arises. The latter is actually how psychics help police in finding criminals, or people that have been kidnapped. Being able to understand, track, and see an energy signature is a great asset and a wonderful technique for each psychic to have.
To sum up the imagination is used to think up a technique, visualization to set it into motion within the physical world, and energy to manifest the actual outcome. When all of these work together they create a unique energy signature that identifies each person as an individual.

Psi Practice (Session 12)

You will need three people for this practice session.
As with all psychic techniques begin by readying the body. Create the energy self, intake and ground the body. Warming up the psychic self is just as important as stretching the muscles and warming up the body before physical exercise. It is possible to strain the psychic self without proper warm up.
Since visualization is simply the creation of focus and intent refer to Psi Class (Session 11) for the exercise on this.
One of your partners will be the person you are identifying the signature for and the other will be the person you will be using to identify a level of that person's signature.
Energy signatures are sometimes a difficult thing to understand right away, but with time understanding them is an essential tool for a psychic to have. To begin this exercise use the aural reading techniques found in earlier lessons to identify your partner's aura. Allow the energy to take on its colour scheme and identify the three main colours, and any patterns that you find may help in giving clues to the broadcast signature. The aura signature is something you have to remember when moving to the next step, so it sometimes helps to write down the three main colours of your partner's aura and any specifics of it that you think are useful. Identify whether the aura is strong, weak, vibrant, dull, positive, negative, neutral, fully covers the person, is intermittent, etc. After you have done this do the same exact thing for your other partner. This partner's aura will later be used to determine the interaction signature.
Next allow yourself to receive broadcasts from the person. Using the techniques from previous sessions do not focus on the content so much as the patterns of the broadcasts and see how well the broadcast pattern fits those things that you noted of the aura signature. The two signature levels may not be an exact match, but they will be very close and you'll have a better understanding of that person.
Next is the interaction level and what better way to find out how the interaction with the person's energy affects an aura than to look at your other partner's aura. The simple act of identifying signatures creates energy interaction and this can be seen on your partner's aura. Look at your partner's (the one you are not identifying signatures for) aura again and compare what you see now with what you saw earlier in the practice. The new areas of energy that are completely different then what you saw earlier are caused by interaction with your other partner. Write down all of the patterns and notable pieces of the interaction you see with your partner's energy interaction.
Having written all of this down you should have a pretty good understanding of your one partner's energy signature, and you should be able to, with practice, identify where they are, what they have had contact with, and more techniques that are best left to the imagination to create.
If you wish to try this identification technique on more than one person be sure to neutralize completely between identifications, so you can ensure you are not accumulating interactions that you are attributing to one person when they are left over from before.