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Intent and Focus
by Zeus

Once a psychic has the knowledge of techniques they theoretically have infinite possibility to use those techniques; however knowledge of techniques is not enough in psi. While it is true that with technique knowledge a psychic can consciously create psi goals whenever they have the energy it is often found that psychics still find conscious manifestation of their knowledge difficult, if not impossible.

Many psychics report unconscious, or subconscious manifestations of abilities which shows they have the knowledge to create the outcomes. Those same psychics will express frustration though that they are unable to create the same outcome when they try to consciously create it. These psychics can do psi when not actively thinking of it, but can't when they concentrate their mind to the task. This is not a trick of psi, but of the human body and mind.

For years upon years scientists have tried to understand the human mind. It is so complex and been built over so many years that to fully understand it will take a great deal more time. What has been known for a long time of the brain is the different levels it works on. A person must be more than just the conscious level, what that person is aware of, because if they weren't they would die in short order. A person consciously moves their arm, chews their food, talks and walks. But while all of that is happening there are many unconscious things happening that the person is unaware of. Digestion, hearing, taste etc. all happen on a continual basis without a person having to be conscious of them. Without the unconscious actions of the mind the consciousness would be overwhelmed and people would not be able to lose conscious focus for even a moment without stopping their hearts. The unconscious is a part of the mind that does tasks without constant focus of thought in order to keep the conscious mind free of unneeded distraction. There are tasks that people learn to overlap and control unconsciously when there isn't need of focus, and consciously when there is need of focus. Breathing is usually done unconsciously. People do not have to think about breathing in order for it to happen, but when there is need a person can consciously control their breathing. Swimmers can hold their breaths, consciously stopping the breathing process, so they do not drown. Other functions like heart rate and taste can be learned to be taken over consciously by giving them focus.

Psi is an unconsciously controlled act. This means that a person can learn the techniques, but that they are unable to control them consciously. At this point in steps the wonders of the human mind and the ability to learn to control unconscious happenings consciously through focus of thought. In order to control psi a psychic must learn to focus on their abilities and bring the unconscious into the conscious, where a psychic is able to manipulate the technique to make it useful. This is accomplished through practice and is one of the keys to successful psi.

The other portion of the mind that is important to psi is called the subconscious. The subconscious is the part of the mind that tries to deliver messages and other information from the unconscious mind to the conscious mind and vice versa. Each time a person consciously decides to stop breathing the subconscious delivers the message to the unconscious mind that controls breathing and in turn breathing stops. When the unconscious notices there isn't enough oxygen in the body it uses the subconscious to send a message that breathing needs to take place back to the conscious mind. If the focus is kept on breathing and conscious thought is kept on not breathing the subconscious will deliver the intent back to the unconscious breathing control to not breathe. If this is done long enough the mind and body will lose consciousness from lack of oxygen and breathing focus will be lost. Once there is no conscious control the unconscious will take over and breathing will resume. Breathing only resumes though after the subconscious reports that there is no longer a conscious intent to stop breathing. So, intent is simply the message, or information being passed between the conscious and unconscious mind by the subconscious.

Well, that is all well and good but does all this psychology information have a parallel in psi, particularly Pure Energy Psi? Oh yes, and that is just what is coming next.

In psi the conscious mind and focus are what ability a psychic wants to use. The focus of the mind is that simple, the psi technique to use. The intent of the technique is the message, or information the subconscious is to deliver to the psi controls, which are unconscious, to create the desired outcome. The unconscious psi control is the Psi Control Centre (PCC) in the brain. The PCC is where all psi events begin. To consciously focus on the ability and to send intent into the PCC makes psi outcomes consciously possible.

In short psi works by focusing the aware portion of the mind on what is to be done and sending information that is relevant about what is to be done and how via the semi-aware to the unaware controls so it can be done. By learning to use the aware conscious, the semi-aware subconscious and the unaware unconscious together a psychic's technique knowledge can actually be used.

Psi Practice (Session 11)

Begin as with all psi practice sessions by opening and creating the energy self. Be sure to ground your body and to intake energy to ensure that you have enough to complete the techniques without going into aural energy debt.

In demonstration we will use the psi technique of broadcast empathy.

With your partner you will alternate in thinking of different colours.

The partner that is receiving the colour should focus their mind on psychically receiving a colour. Intent should be sent to the Psi Control Centre to receive the colour broadcast from your partner's mind and to send that information back to your conscious mind, so you can be aware of it.

The partner that is broadcasting the colour should ensure that they concentrate on only one colour and do not think of anything else.

Remember that broadcast empathy does not require connections as it is simply picking up the information naturally radiated from another person.

Practice taking turns receiving the colours and broadcasting them. You may wish to try receiving kinds of fruits, cars, or houses as well.

Do not get discouraged if you don't get it right away. The intent must be perfect for psi to work correctly as close only counts in horseshoes. Keep adjusting your intent until your accuracy increases and the practice receiving and understanding how your mind works.