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Hybrid Psi
by Zeus

As psychics learn techniques they often find one common problem in not having enough internal energy to manifest advanced intents. Creating outcomes with high drain techniques can throw a psychic into serious energy debt in seconds without warning and in doing so possibly harm the psychic. If a technique requires more energy than a psychic has available internally then the outcome may not manifest at all, or very weakly. Unfortunately even intaking brings a psychic only up to a level of internal energy that they can hold in their pools which leaves some techniques still out of reach. There are a few ways around the energy barrier, but a psychic must understand the huge responsibility they undertake when they circumvent psychism and begin to mix in magick techniques to produce Hybrid Psi outcomes. Essentially what a psychic must do to increase the total energy they have available and to maintain that level of energy is to use Universal Energy. Remembering that psychism uses only internal energy and magick uses only universal energy one can see that mixing them produces a combination, thus Hybrid Psi.
With Hybrid Psi comes a new responsibility to balance that a psychic normally does not have to worry about. Though intaking does create an imbalance in the immediate area the amount of energy used to "top up" is nowhere near the amount needed to disturb the area enough to worry. Even the strongest psychics that internalize great amounts of energy disturb balance by perhaps 1% each time they intake fully. Pure Energy rules prohibit a disturbance of more than 15% in any given area, and as seen intaking does not come close to doing this. The problem arises that an advanced psi technique that is sustained can and often will disturb the energy balance of an area more than the allowed amount, so a psychic must carefully balance their technique with the balance of an area. Often though the problem with a psychic is that since outer balance is not a common psychism worry they never develop techniques to understand the balance in a given area. A given area is loosely defined, for Canada, in Pure Energy as 250m squared for one person, but this area fluctuates with population density and geography. If a psychic lives in a very heavily populated country than a given area can drop to 5m squared per person, or it may be almost 1km squared per person in unpopulated areas. It is up to individual psychics to identify their specific area needs, but usually 100-150m squared is a safe assumption. Before starting a Hybrid Psi technique a given area may be considered to be relatively balanced and at equilibrium with itself. With the balance at start and given area assumptions a technique may be carried out as long as the total balance of the area does not change by more than 15% during, or after the technique. To understand the change in balance a psychic must produce a screen of energy on their body with the intent that a standard change in overall energy balance in an area will create a change in colour, or feeling of the screen to let a psychic know they have reached a limit. Think of the screen like a radiation badge worn at nuclear power plants, when the area around a person changes the badge changes colour too.
Responsibility of balance is a key issue, but another is how to get the universal energy to work with a technique in order to make it work. Unlike internal energy everyone can not command universal energy at will. Only natural mages and learned magickians may command universal energy. There are some options to get around the command issue though. First, a psychic may choose to continually intake energy to feed enough energy to witness their outcome. This is a very common practice and may be used whenever the initial start-up energy of a technique does not exceed the amount a psychic can internalize. Continually intaking also does not seem to create imbalance as quickly as some other Hybrid techniques and so it is the most practical. The other option is to guide the universal energies along and ask them to follow the visualization. Doing this requires a solid power triangle of the technique with the addition to the knowledge portion that a psychic's own internal energy will be used only as a guide for the universal energy actually performing the technique. Nothing extremely fancy, but balance can quickly be destroyed by using universal energy for several things in a row, or in a sustained high drain technique.
Hybrid Psi is meant to help a psychic get around not having enough energy to achieve advanced technique outcome, but comes with the responsibility of universal energy balance in a given area. The absolute truth is that creating imbalance in an area greater than the limit of 15% will have effects on those within that area and specifically the psychic. The rule of magick is that everything comes back to the magickian and bringing aspects of magick into psychism applies this rule to Hybrid Psi. It is common practice to turn to Hybrid Psi, but one must always understand the responsibilities that come along with it.

Psi Practice (Session 10)

Prepare yourself to do psi by centring and balancing yourself. Create your energy self thoroughly and completely. Only when you are sure of your solid psi mindset should you continue.
The technique we will practice with is a telekinetic one. You will need a piece of standard plain paper (blank, or lined) to perform the technique. Fold the paper in half length wise. Unfold the paper and then fold it width wise and unfold it again. Turn the paper over and set it on a flat surface. The paper should be sitting by itself on a flat surface with the centre of the paper slightly raised, because of the folds.
Create a screen of energy on your body where you can see it with the intent that it will be green with universal energy balance, yellow with an 8% imbalance and red with a 12% imbalance in a standard 150m squared cube surrounding you. Depending on how you interpret the energy and screens your "balance badge" may appear to you physically, as a feeling, or in your mind's eye. Any are acceptable as long as you have a warning for the given area balance.
If at any time your energy badge should go red stop the current technique immediately and wait for the area to reach equilibrium before continuing.
With your balance indicator in place create a power triangle to move the paper away from you by pushing it with energy. The truth vertex is that the technique is possible, you wish to do it and that you can. The knowledge is that you will begin the movement with your own internal energy and continually intake to provide the necessary energy to continue to move it. When you feel the power rush in your psi control centre begin to intake as you send the intent to move the paper forward. Remember to stay as relaxed as possible and focussed on the paper's movement, but not overly concentrating on it.
You may, or may not be able to make the paper move. The outcome depends completely on the amount of internal energy you are able to possess. If the paper didn't move don't worry just realize you do not harbour energy to do the technique through internal energy alone.
Stop the intent and intake until your pools are again full. Check your given area balance and wait for green again before moving on.
Create the power triangle to move the paper again, but in the knowledge vertex include that universal energy will do the interactions needed to actually move the paper and that they should mimic what your own energy is trying to accomplish. Wait for the power surge, create a visualization that asks the universal energy to follow your energy and send it out, and then send out the intent to move the paper. You should feel a surge of energy as your internal energy is joined by the universal and your paper moves. Again the focus is important in carrying this technique through to completion and watch the given area balance carefully.
These two simply changes open many technique doors to all people interested in psi as long as they embrace the responsibility to balance and equilibrium.