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The Power Triangle
by Zeus

All psychics know how strong the connection between visualization and outcome is, but very few ever find a way to strengthen their own intents to create the absolute best psi outcomes possible. The best possible result is always a psychic's goal, but just because one wants something to happen and visualizes it doesn't mean it will actually occur. There are many things that can and do go wrong (or right) that hinder, or stop a psychic goal from being realized. Energy sent out from the body interacts with all the other energies of existence on their way to the goal and this can weaken patterns, connections, and thoughts enough that when and if energy reaches the goal there isn't enough left to do anything. Effectively this means that even if a psychic gets all the complicated visualizations correct and sends out energy to accomplish a goal there may not be enough at the end point to see the intended changes. A psychic can get a technique right, but not have anything happen which in itself is very frustrating. Pure Energy Psi does contain advanced techniques to help a psychic realize their outcomes without having to relearn a technique by shielding connections and weaving through strong energy concentrations, but they rely on knowing and seeing energy. Instead of using these techniques, or in conjunction with them a psychic can use the Power Triangle to ensure their intent is the best possible and that there will be enough energy to back the intent and realize the goal.
The Power Triangle is a concept to help psychic's understand the nature of a visualization as well as being the general way in which psi works. The triangle itself is an equilateral with corners representing Truth, Knowledge, and Power. The vertices of the triangle show what each visualization needs to work and what comes of a visualization. A visualization essentially is just an intent for a psychic outcome, but there is more to a visualization than that and adding in the extra elements allows for a stronger, more precise intent with certainty a goal will be realized. Each visualization needs to incorporate elements of Truth and Knowledge in order to succeed. The truth may be as easy as wanting to help someone up to a more complicated factor of the ability to create the outcome a certain way. The truth must be related to the knowledge portion of the visualization and must be the believed truth. A triangle can not be created with untruth since without the truth corner the Power section can't be realized. For most psychics the Truth portion of a visualization will be the need to create the intent and their ability to succeed with it. Another portion of the visualization is the knowledge the psychic holds. The Knowledge corner is there to convey the need a psychic has to understand what it is they are doing and how they are actually changing things to create their desired outcome. To master the knowledge portion of a visualization a psychic must have a clear idea of what they are doing, not just what the outcome will be, but also how what they want will come to being. The Truth and Knowledge corners of the Triangle of Power should work together and compliment eachother. As an example, if a psychic wishes to heal another person their Truth should be that they wish to help and that they are able to help. The knowledge should be that they will heal the person by connecting, screening, neutralizing energy, and reworking the other person's natural energy flow. Together the Truth and Knowledge lay a groundwork for the psychic to achieve their goal and they help the psychic reach their Power through Optimum Psi Mindset.
Optimum Psi Mindset (OPM) is the point at which a psychic has the most amount of energy to create an outcome and the best clarity of thought to see it through. A psi mindset is simply a state of mind in which a psychic enters to create psi outcomes. Just as an athlete has better days than others a psychic has times where their energy and thought patterns are more attuned to creating successful outcomes. The Power Triangle helps a psychic to achieve their best whenever they set out towards a goal. Even when a psychic is not at their peak the Power Triangle is set up to help the psychic reach OPM without having to wait for it to occur naturally. Techniques are often successful even without reaching OPM, but use more energy, are regularly considered crude, and are just inefficient. If one was to categorize exactly what Psi Mindset is the closest they may come is that of a certain mood. Take the example of music. A person may be in the mood to listen to rock music one day, but opera the next depending on how they are feeling. This feeling, or mood is present in psi as well, where a psychic does not always feel up to snuff, or at their best. The Psi Mindset is a mood, or feeling where the psychic is ready to, and willing to create psi outcomes. OPM is one step further where the clarity of what a psychic is doing is remarkable and the energy to realize goals is ever present.
The Power Triangle automatically thrusts a psychic to their Optimum Psi Mindset once clear and concise Truth and Knowledge corners are realized. In reaching OPM a psychic holds the Power to create the best outcome from their technique that is possible. In effect Power is given to the psychic once they have laid down their Truth and Knowledge corners and this completes the equilateral Power Triangle. Normally when the Triangle is completed successfully a psychic will feel a buzzing, or tingling of energy in their Psi Control Centre and in a band that circles the head known as the Psi Area. The Psi Area includes the back of the head, the temples, and the top of the head that joins the two temple regions. When Power is achieved clarity of thought also comes into play with most of what is happening while a technique is carried out coming into clear focus and the consequences and interactions being known. This clarity not only helps the psychic to better control what they are doing, but also allows them to keep as much balance within their given area as possible.
Once the Power Triangle is completed and the psychic feels the energy that they have they may continue with their technique as they would without the triangle. The only stipulation is that the psychic must follow the same path through the techniques as they laid out in the Knowledge corner of their Power Triangle, or OPM will be lost and everything must be started over. Each desired outcome must have its own Power Triangle created, so that a psychic can achieve an OPM for it. In general creating a Power Triangle adds a very short amount of time onto the length of a technique, but achieves a huge outcome with saved energy, extra clarity and many more successful outcomes.
The Power Triangle slogan - "The Truth of the Knowledge leads to Power"

Psi Practice (Session 9)

You will need a partner to practice with.
Before beginning prepare yourself for psi by starting your rhythmic breathing and taking the time to fully neutralize your internal energy. Next prepare yourself to do psi by creating your energy self, making sure to connect in your energy pools. Ground yourself, and finally intake energy to make sure you have enough to perform the techniques. Continue only when you are ready.
Creating a Power Triangle is relatively easy and this session will show you how to add it to the beginning of only a few of the techniques you have already learned from previous sessions.
To begin add the Power Triangle to the beginning of the telepathic connection technique. To do this create the Truth corner through the thought that you can indeed connect to another person and telepathically send thoughts back and forth over the connection.
Next you must create the Knowledge corner by laying down exactly how you will accomplish the technique's outcome. The Knowledge is that you will connect your PCC to your third eye, your third eye to the other person's third eye, and then their third eye to their PCC leaving a connection from Psi Control Centre to Psi Control Centre.
When this is done successfully you will feel the tingling of energy in your Psi Area and should notice a clarity of thought come over you as you reach your Optimum Psi Mindset.
Once you have put together your Power Triangle and feel the energy continue the technique and create the connections just as you put the thoughts together in the Knowledge corner of your triangle.
When the connections are all made you need to create another Power Triangle to actually help with the telepathic portion of the technique.
The truth is that sending thoughts and images over the connection is possible and that you are able to do it (remember you have to believe the truth in order for it to manifest).
Knowledge is that thoughts and ideas will be sent back and forth over the connection as they are needed, or wanted by either connected person.
Again once the Power Triangle is complete you should have an increased clarity and the Power to do what you set up to do in the triangle. The added clarity of OPM also makes it much easier to identify and listen to your Pure Energy Voice that makes telepathic communication that much easier.
Keeping the connections in place create a Power Triangle for healing. The truth is that you wish to heal the other person and specifically that you can heal them. Knowledge comes from how it is that you are going to heal them (screening, neutralizing, reworking energy flow). Again you'll feel the OPM come into place (multiple OPMs actually apply one on top of the other and increase overall energy and thought clarity). Heal the other person as you laid out in your Power Triangle.
Continue to work with the Power Triangle and different techniques with your partner realizing the added benefits of the simple addition of the Triangle at the beginning of techniques.