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Remote Viewing and Projection
by Zeus

Psychics often have the need to help others from a distance and even knowing the energies of those in need of aid is sometimes not enough to lend assistance. During these situations a psychic needs first-hand knowledge of what a particular place, or person looks like. In order to accomplish this a psychic usually turns to either projection, or remote viewing for help. Both of these psi techniques allow the psychic to view distant places without having been there and without their body physically moving. These techniques rely heavily on visualization, connections, understanding energy, listening to the Pure Energy Voice and seeing with the mind's eye.
Remote viewing is the more common technique for seeing areas that are not around the psychic. A psychic may use remote viewing techniques to geographically locate other people, to aid in direction, reconnaissance, or even military espionage. In remote viewing a psychic may either see an area while not connected to another person (Unconnected Remote Viewing), or use the easier method of empathic connection to see what another person is seeing (Connected Remote Viewing).
Unconnected Remote Viewing occurs in several different stages and really happens on several different levels depending on a psychic's skill, and energy level.
URV Stage 1
The first stage of URV for a psychic is the impression of shapes. At this level a psychic is able to get a feeling for overall shapes in the area they are looking at, their relative sizes and textures. The psychic may also experience feelings for temperature, and smells from the URV at this stage.
URV Stage 2
The second stage URV is one where the psychic is able to go from large abstract shapes to more refined curves and shapes. What in the first stage was a large mound will become defined as a structure of some sort, or in fact a hill. The psychic is able to distinguish the number of objects in a given area and given an overall feeling for each object (hollow, solid, cold, hot, soft). Temperature opinions are refined and smaller objects become available for viewing.
URV Stage 3
The third stage URV allows a psychic to actually see the area in their mind's eye. Although the actual sight is personalized with some psychics seeing in a wire frame, others in black and white, and still others in full colour it is agreed that this is as close to being right at the site as a psychic can get. At this stage a psychic should be able to explore an area without problem and describe objects and conditions from what they are seeing.
The very nature of remote viewing makes it very difficult to accomplish successfully without one's imagination getting in the way. A psychic must learn to relax and then intently listen to the Pure Energy Voice, and watch their mind's eye. It is usual in each remote viewing attempt to travel through the three stages of URV in order to first get a general feel of the space and then a detailed view of it. Running through each stage with each trial also ensures that a psychic will have the strongest feelings of the area they are viewing that are possible. Unconnected Remote Viewing allows the psychic to be told of a place, or to think of a place that they have never been and to see what is there without the aid of anyone else.
Connected Remote Viewing is actually a deep empathy session with another person that is currently at the location the psychic wishes to view. A CRV begins with the establishment of an empathic connection to a person acting as a viewer and then having the psychic move into a deep empathy session. The psychic, in a deep session, should be able to determine what it is the viewer is looking at and relay the information that is required. Because CRV is actually an empathic connection consent is required before initiating a session.
Projection differs from remote viewing in that instead of bringing an image of the area to the psychic the psychic actually takes their energy to the place they wish to view, or be. A psychic uses their aural energy to send a representation of their body to another place so that they are able to see what is there and actually interact with people and objects in the other place if they have telekinetic techniques. A projection begins with a psychic creating strong intent to have their energy be in another place, or sent to another place. It takes some time for energy to travel and manifest in the projected area, but once it begins a psychic is able to see, hear, smell, and interact with the environment their energy is in. A psychic's body remains aware and continues to hold the central energy and life processes, so if something happens where a psychic's body needs to react it is able to do so on its own without the entirety of the psychic's focus within it. A psychic can choose to solidify their projection, or have it remain invisible to the naked eye. The visualization and intent of the actual projection as well as the amount of energy a person is able to put into the projection determines exactly what happens to it.
There are many different uses for remote viewing and projection besides seeing other places. A psychic may employ the techniques to see inside sealed packages, identify who/what is on the other side of a door, and in military situations what the enemy is up to. RV and projection possibilities are only hampered by energy levels and the few rules that go along with using them. A psychic should not RV, or project into private populated areas without consent since it is an invasion of privacy and a psychic should never use the abilities to spy on others; however rules are always bent in military situations. If a psychic wishes to remain hidden from RV, or projection sessions they should remain open to the level of energy surrounding them geographically and if it changes suddenly shield against a RV, or projection session.

Psi Practice (Session 8)

Ready yourself for psi as you should always do before doing psi techniques.
Choose an area that you will remote view. This area should be unknown to you, but easy for you to find if you are right about it. It is helpful to have someone that has been to a place that you are going to remote view, or to view a place that is easy for you to visit to confirm how your practice is coming. To start the process you must visualize a strong intent to see in your mind's eye, and experience the place you wish to remote view. Once you have created the intent send the energy out of your body through visualization and wait for the session to begin (this can take upwards of five minutes).
When you have begun your session begin by taking a blank white piece of paper and a pencil and sketch a general layout. Do not worry about any detail, just work on shapes and contours. You want to start with stage one URV. When you feel that you are beginning to get a more detailed idea of the place you're looking at then refine your sketch and write along the edges of your paper any smells, or sounds that you are hearing. As you refine your drawing you may enter into stage 3 and have certain objects, or areas jump out at you more. With these areas make sure to document why you feel they are important and refine your sketch until you feel satisfied with the result. Usual remote viewing sessions (URV) last from 45 minutes to an hour, but it is best to keep your first attempts short (15 minutes) and work up to lengthy sessions with increased detail.
When you feel you have as much information about the area you have remote viewed follow-up the session by physically going to the place, or by confirming what you have sketched and felt with a person that has been to the area. Do not be disappointed if you aren't 100% correct. It does take practice to separate imaged images from real psychic ones and with time you will understand what is real in the area you are RVing and what is not.
Take a moment now to intake.
Projecting requires strong intent to send energy to another place. In many ways it feels like a stage 3 remote viewing except that you can actually create a visible representation of yourself in an area to interact with the environment. The mindset and energy interaction to create a visible projection are elusive to most and take a lot of time to perfect, but are worth it when you have the right combination.
To begin a projection concentrate energy in the PCC and create a strong intent to project, or send your aural energy and mind focus to another place. This means that while you are still aware of your body you feel as if you are in another place physically. You should be able to experience the place you've projected to as if your physical body were actually there.
The major problem with projecting is that it consumes great amounts of energy, but since your body isn't actually doing anything once you've created the projection it can continuously intake energy to feed the projection and keep it intact. This requires some practice to jump back and forth conscious-wise between your projection and body, but offers a much better method to experience another place than remote viewing once it is mastered.