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by Zeus

Understanding the movement of energy throughout the body and knowing how to see, feel and manipulate energy within the body all lead up to the very useful psi technique of healing. Psychics have the ability to heal beings through energy manipulation. One must remember that everything is energy and following that sickness, or disease is only energy that does not belong, or that has gone wrong. A psychic is able to use their abilities to sense what a person's normal energy is supposed to be, how it usually circulates and whether there are blocks to a person's energy. This information is in turn used to create a plan of how to heal a specific person, because each disease is specific to each individual and new plans must be made for each new healing.
Pure Energy Psi sets up some categories for healings: Hands On, and Hands Off. Hands On healings are done with the psychic actually touching the person needing the healing and do not require an actual psychic connection with the person. Hands Off healings do not have the psychic actually touching the person to be healed and may be either Remote, or Distance. Remote healings require an actual psychic connection to the person being healed, with the connection preferably being of a telepathic nature. Distance healings do not require a connection as they are more like throwing energy in the direction of the person in need of healing. Distance healings are most often done to help mental states such as depression.
A person's natural energy flow is clockwise. Energy flow moves in a circular pattern around the abdomen, like the hands of a clock. The energy swirls around the entire body in this way. Energy travels throughout the body in this circular pattern in a natural and uninterrupted flow with certain pieces of the flow touching all parts of the body. Sickness comes upon people when this natural flow of energy is interrupted in some way. The body will naturally put in energy blocks when energy that flows into an area of the body is charged, because of a wound, or disease. Energy blocks serve to stop the transfer of tainted energy to the rest of the body, but also weaken the body's natural ability to heal the area. To combat this the first thing that a psychic must do is set up neutralizing screens around the affected area and then remove the energy blocks. Since screens are set up to neutralize the energy coming out of the area no charged energy will reach any other part of the body, and sometimes simply allowing the body's natural flow to return will be enough to heal the wound (depending on severity). To a psychic an energy block looks either like an area of stagnate energy, a circulation that is in the wrong place, or energy charged to a degree that does not match the rest of the body. Auras often give clues to energy blocks, or stagnation in the body by turning to a brown, black, or dull colour in the affected area (colours are based on the generally accepted Pure Energy Aura Colours).
When the area that requires healing has been identified a psychic can turn to Hands On healing which does not require a psychic connection. The psychic can either touch the area affected by the disruption, or place their hand on the other person's forehead. The physical contact and subsequent direct interaction of aural energy is enough to allow the psychic to change and heal the energies of the other person through visualization. The intent created should not be to actually heal a specific affliction, but rather to destroy the energy blocks, restore the natural energy flow and create strong neutralized energy in the affected area. The actual affliction does not really exist, as it is simply a specific formation of charged energy interacting with the Internal Energy of the affected person. A psychic must remember before doing putting their hands on the person to create neutralizing screens covering their hands, so charged energy does not enter into their body. The screens act like surgical gloves and protect the psychic from inadvertently internalizing bad energy. Once the psychic's hands are touching the other person the interaction of aural energy actually helps to transfer the intent of the psychic to the person being healed. This means that the psychic can begin an intent and send part of their energy into the other person with that person's energy helping towards the goal. The first thing a psychic must do is set up the neutralizing screens around the area and then dismantle the energy blocks hindering the body's natural energy flow. The psychic may see the blocks in their mind's eye as a brick wall, or a plastic wall, or something specific to the psychic. The important thing is that the blocks be taken down. Once the blocks are down the psychic must create intent to have the natural flow of energy restored in the body. The psychic can do this through visualization of spinning energy around the body and having it include the area that was previously blocked off. Once the body's flow of energy is restored the psychic must neutralize the energy of the affected area through visualized sweeps of neutralizing screens and venting the charged energy away from the person's body. A psychic should not expect to have immediate results in large tasks, but most smaller wounds, or illnesses will miraculously heal very quickly.
If a psychic is unable to actually place their hands on the person needing the healing then they must turn to Hands Off healing. The most common form of Pure Energy Hands Off healing is a Remote Healing. The Remote healing begins with the psychic creating a telepathic connection to another person. A neutralizing screen, or filter should be placed in the connection to ensure energy safety for the psychic. The psychic should then enter into an empathic session allowing them to identify the affected area of the person's body and to see the blocks that exist. As in the Hands On session the psychic must create screens, or filters around the affected area and then dismantle the energy blocks and restart the energy flow through the area with intent. The psychic then must return the charged energy within the affected area to a neutral state through screening, and removal to heal the person. Once all the energy within the affected area of the body is returned to a neutral state the area is healed and the person should be back to normal. If the healing did not entirely heal the person then the psychic must identify other areas in need of healing and fix them.
In some situations a psychic may choose to do a Distance healing where no psychic connection is required. Distance healings require a strong intent that the person be healed through neutralization of any affected areas of their body. Once the intent is created it should be sent out from the body and the energy will do as much as it can to ensure that the intended goal is realized. Because this technique relies heavily on the ability of energy to create an end by itself it is usually left to things like lifting a person's spirits, reducing muscle fatigue, or reducing stress. A psychic must remember that the intent should focus on creating an overall energy structure within the other person with the intended qualities rather than focusing on specifics.
A psychic has three main types of healing to choose from when a person they come in contact with is in need of a healing. Which type of healing is done is purely personal. Some psychics may wish only to do Hands On healings while others will always opt for Remote healings even when the other person is only an arm's length away. With practice and strong intent a psychic can learn to heal any malady that may befall living beings from black leaf, to broken bones. A psychic must also remember that there are limits to what their energy is capable of, and sometimes the power behind the charging of energy in an ill person will be stronger than their ability to neutralize, or dispose of it. Psychics may band together in these cases to overpower the illness, but even then there can be situations where Centre energy has left the body and there is nothing that can be done. So, from little aches to life threatening diseases the visualization to heal is the same, but only practice can ensure that a psychic is able to consistently heal.

Psi Practice (Session 7)

You will need someone to practice healing on for this session.
Start your rhythmic breathing and take the time to fully neutralize your internal energy. Next prepare yourself to do psi by creating your energy self, making sure to connect in your energy pools. Ground yourself, and finally intake energy to make sure you have enough to perform the healing techniques. Continue only when you are ready.
Before connecting to heal use your aura shadowing technique to look at the person's aura and see if you can identify areas that have energy blocks and in need of healing.
When the healing areas are identified telepathically connect with the person you are intending to heal. Remember to focus on each step of the connection to make sure that it is strong. Once the connection is in place explore the area of the body that they say needs healing, you've seen that needs healing, or simply explore their body to find the cause of illness. Illnesses always originate from specific areas. Even if a person feels bad all over it is the flow of charged energy around the body that is creating the feeling and not necessarily the illness being throughout the body. Once you have found the central area that needs healing visualize a neutralizing filter around the area including the energy blocks. Next you should dismantle the energy blocks through visualization. Care should be taken to do this piece by piece since this step can physically hurt the other person. When the energy block is completely gone create a neutralizing screen you can sweep the affected area with and do this several times. You may also wish to create a connection with the Universal where you can actually use visualization to suck the charged energy and affected area out of the person and vent it to the Universal where it will be neutralized automatically. It is preferable if you use this technique to put a neutralizing screen on the end of the connection to help keep overall energy balance in the surrounding area neutral. After you can no longer feel charge in the area you are healing you may remove your neutralizing screen, visualize restarting the flow of energy through the area and disconnect from the person to end the healing.
At this point it is suggested that you ground and intake before continuing.
Now try a Hands On healing on yourself, because sometimes even a psychic can become ill and be in need of a healing. To do a Hands On healing on yourself place your hands together in the classic prayer pose. This allows your energy to interact with itself in an even more potent state. Visualize exploring your own natural energy flow and search for any areas that may have energy blocks. If you identify energy blocks follow the standard procedure and rid the area of charge.
The same exact method is used for Hands On healing of another person, but to identify where they are in need of healing you will have to resort to looking at their aura instead of looking within them since you won't have a psychic connection with them. You may actually wish to modify the normal Hands On method to include a psychic connection with the person you are healing, but it isn't necessary.
Remember that the visualizations and processes of healing are the same for Hands Off and Hands On healing and for healing others, or yourself. The goal is always to rid the affected area of charged energy and the ability to charge energy and return it to a neutral state with the natural flow of energy within the body.
End the session by intaking and grounding to ensure proper energy balance within your body.