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Empathy and Telepathy
by Zeus

Connections are the basis of many psi techniques. Both empathy and telepathy rely heavily on connections to create the necessary pathways for thought energy travel, but the connection itself is only the beginning.
In connection empathy there are three distinct levels each of which has a different visualization. To start one may create a connection and simply listen to another being's current thoughts and feel their "of the moment" emotions; this is surface empathy. To accomplish surface empathy all one really has to do is create the psychic connection and listen as the others person's thoughts, and emotions randomly fire down the connection to be interpreted. What one receives through surface empathy is uncontrolled and sometimes useless, but it can be great for getting a general feeling of a person's present mood and thought pattern.
With a slightly larger and more energetic connection one may initiate a deep empathy session. Deep empathy is much more useful than surface empathy, because another person's whole energy structure and mind are available for interpretation. To create this effect a person must actively seek out the other person's energy, emotions and thoughts with the easiest visualization being that of walking through another person's mind and body. While doing this the other person's feelings are transferred to the psychic's own body for interpretation, so eventhough one is walking through another's body everything is felt in the psychic's own body. As an example if the other person's knee is in pain than the psychic's own knee will begin to ache. With deep empathy the connection is superimposed over the psychic's own self leaving the psychic in their own body, but with thoughts and feelings that are not entirely their own. With practice psychics can easily distinguish between their own thoughts and empathic thoughts, or even imagined/unreal thoughts.
The final category of connected empathy is true empathy. True empathy is when another's thoughts don't just superimpose over a psychic's, but actually replace them. For this the psychic must pull their own sense of identity back within their soul pool and allow another person's energy to temporarily take over. This type of empathy is the one that allows for the most information since the psychic may treat all thoughts and feelings as their own. This can be slightly frightening since there is a displacement of one self for another. The self is easily replace once the connection has been terminated.
Not all empathy is connection based as thoughts and feelings are radiated from the body similar to the aura. This happens all the time from every living being and when picked up by a psychic is referred to as common, or broadcast empathy. This happens as if the body were a radio tower broadcasting music; except the broadcast is thoughts and feelings. Usually broadcasting happens naturally, but a person may concentrate focus on a single thought to ensure it is broadcast. With this form of empathy there are no connections and so psychics may interpret broadcast information without consent. The non-psychic parallel would be interpreting vocal tone, or facial expression without consent. Controlling broadcasting is as simple as shielding which will be shown later in the course.
When actual thoughts are received and interpreted they are most often heard in the mind as the Pure Energy Voice. The Pure Energy Voice is a psychic's interpretation of any and all empathic messages received whether though a connection, or broadcast. The Voice originates in the Psi Control Centre and may sound like your own thoughts, or like the other person's voice. The distinction is very personal and changes from person to person. The Voice always comes from the PCC and is almost always softer than the rest of the mind's thoughts. To listen to it quiet the mind and look for the thoughts that come from the back right portion of the brain.
There is also an empathic phenomenon known as psychic, or empathic pull. The empathic pull is an influence from an outside source that creates an urge, or impulse to do something. A pull is not like a possession in any way, because the person feeling the pull still has their entire free will to act upon the urge, or not. Paranormal pull in a strong fashion can be used to subconsciously direct people in the correct direction, or to impart characteristics that a person doesn't normally possess in a strong outward fashion (ie. Self esteem).
The other connection use, and other side of the coin is telepathy. Connection telepathy utilizes the telepathic visualization connection. With the larger, more energetic connection a person is able to send thoughts, feelings and phrases to another person. Telepathy with connections is not categorizes as empathy is, but one may make distinctions if they so wish.
The basic telepathic session involves visualizing and sending down the connection to the other person. This is fine, but does have problems with outside energy interactions garbling, or skewing the message on its travel. To overcome this one can enter into a eep empathic connection and send a message and verify that the other person receives the message through the empathic side of the connection.
By far the easiest telepathic session is a true telepathic session; however it is the one that uses the most energy. While the psychic is in a true empathic connection the thoughts and feelings in their body are another person's. By introducing their own message, from their centre pool and self, into their own body it is introduced into the other person's self as well via the connection. When doing telepathy in this manner ensure to disconnect fully when finished to ensure proper balance back within the body.
Broadcast telepathy is the send portion of empathic broadcasting where one concentrates on a certain image, or thought to ensure that it is sent.
The distinction is empathy is receiving information and telepathy is the sending of information. Empathy has three connection levels and can also be broadcast. Telepathy is not divided into categories but there are connected and disconnected techniques. In the end listen to the Pure Energy Voice for empathy and remember to practice.

Psi Practice (Session 5)

Start your rhythmic breathing and take the time to fully neutralize your internal energy. Next prepare yourself to do psi by creating your energy self making sure to connect in your energy pools. Ground yourself, and finally intake energy to make sure you have enough to perform the techniques. All of these create the necessary mindset to create the desired outcome and are essential to do each time before attempting psi.
For this session of empathy and telepathy you will need a partner to connect to in order to perform the techniques.
Connect with your chosen partner and enter into a surface empathy session by quieting your own mind and listening for the random thoughts that fire down the connection and are interpreted as your Pure Energy Voice in your Psi Control Centre.
After identifying the correct voice in your mind and verifying it with your partner move into a deep empathy session. To do this you should actively visualize yourself walking into your partner's mind and seeking out thoughts and feelings. Remember that your partner's thoughts will appear as your own Pure Energy Voice and that feelings will manifest in your own body. Strengthen the empathy by creating more energy in the connection and more actively seeking out specifics such as physical well being, thoughts of the moment, or even memories. The longer the deep connection is kept the more information a psychic is able to get and the faster the process will be.
You may wish to try a true empathic connection with your partner by slightly changing the deep connection you already have with your partner. In order to change into a true connection pull your sense of self into your centre energy pool, and allow the thoughts and feelings you're already feeling to fill your body completely and become the other person for a short time. Do not allow the fear of having another person's thoughts filling you to destroy your mindset. You must remain neutral and energized to keep the empathic outcome manifested.
Since connections, especially deep and true ones, take a lot of energy to create and maintain it is always essential to intake both before and after using this technique to make sure you don't put your body into aural energy debt.
Intake now before continuing the practice session.
Changing the empathic techniques into telepathic techniques begins by creating telepathic connections with your partner. Messages can be sent by visualizing strongly a short phrase and sending it down the connection.
By going into a deep empathy connection with your partner using a telepathic connection you can more easily send to them from within their mind. While you're actively in your partner's mind strongly visualize giving them your message from within their head. If it helps to visualize actually saying the message out loud in their mind than do so.
Slipping further into a true empathic connection with your partner, using your telepathic connection, allows you to do true telepathy. With yourself pulled into your soul pool and your body filled with your partner's feelings and thoughts introduce a thought into your body from your own self that you've pulled into your centre pool. This thought will be transferred to your partner, because during a true connection you are effectively one person for the duration.
Experiment at first with sending short messages like a colour, or a single word. From these, with practice, you'll be able to send and receive with more reliability and much more quickly, and you will graduate to longer phrases.
Broadcasting happens all the time and receiving info from it is as simple as preparing yourself and waiting for the random interpretations through your Pure Energy Voice. At first it is natural only to receive very random bits and pieces, but through practice you can pick up on the smaller, quieter broadcasts as well. There is a distance limitation to this of perhaps 10km (6mi), but this can be pushed by master psychics to much greater distances.
Anyone can telepathically broadcast by simply concentrating on one single thought, or emotion making the broadcast very strong and easier to pick up.
With both empathy and telepathy it is necessary to practice and experiment in order to find your own personal groove (the absolute best technique modifications for you).
When you are finished remember to intake and ground to fill yourself up with aural energy and to make sure you are properly balanced. It is also a good idea to neutralize your energies again as interaction with another person can charge your internal energy.