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Intaking and Connections
by Zeus

When a person understands the subtle differences in energy and where each comes from they are able to manipulate their energy through psi techniques to bring about certain outcomes. Each psi technique requires visualization and a portion of the body's aural energy to manifest the outcome. This use of aural energy is not usually a problem, because it is waste energy. But in some circumstances one may run into difficulties.
The body, just like the rest of existence, maintains a delicate balance in its energies. When breathing the body inhales fresh oxygen and exhales waste carbon dioxide. If there is not enough oxygen within the body it's cells will experience asphyxiation. If there isn't a delicate balance of carbon dioxide resulting in too much oxygen the body can die as well. Similarly there is a delicate balance of aural and centre energy within the body. If there is no longer enough centre energy to run the life processes the body will die, and if there isn't enough aural energy the body will feel extremely lethargic and may become ill.
The body is capable of healing itself by automatically reducing the amount of aural energy radiated and channeling it into the aural energy pool until balance is regained at which time all processes will return to their natural state. The major problem with allowing nature to take its course is that the body will take nearly a week to replenish itself after a fairly simple empathic connection. This time frame would make psi almost impossible for anyone that doesn't hold a massive amount of internal energy.
Intaking is a psi technique used commonly in Pure Energy Psi to ensure that proper energy balance is kept and to boost the amount of available internal energy during advanced techniques. This one, relatively simple, psi technique almost ensures that people have the needed energy available to them to perform even the most intense psi.
Intaking means very little though if a person is unable to create strong psychic connections with other living beings in order to do empathy, telepathy, remote viewing, healing, etc. As one can see the base of the most common psi techniques actually begins with the psychic connection.
A psychic connection starts in the psi control centre as an intent to connect with someone else. The connection should then be made from the PCC to the forehead focal point (third eye chakra). From this point it must be determined whether one wishes and empathic, one-way, connection or a telepathic, two-way, connection. The two connections are different in that the telepathic connection is larger and requires substantially more energy to keep up. A Pure Energy psychic connection is connected from third eye to third eye and since it is a connection requires consent from both participants before it is attempted.
The empathic connection may be visualized as a cord running between two people with the easiest visual being that of a telephone wire, or coaxial television cable. This connection is only one-way from the connectee to the person creating the connection. It is used to listen to thoughts, to feel a person's energy and for general health diagnosis.
Telepathic connections may also be visualized as a cord running between two people, but it must be seen as much larger almost like a small pipeline. Since this connection is for two-way communication of energy and thought the extra size of the connection is needed to allow for the increased energy flow. A telepathic connection is used in telepathy, healing, and in diagnosis of specific energy.
The psi technique of connecting requires aural energy to create and maintain the connection as well as energy for whatever psi technique one wishes to use the connection for. In this regard it is important to intake before and after connecting and to ground when finished the technique to ensure proper energy balance within the body.

Psi Practice (Session 4)

Before continuing, as with every psi session and technique you must prepare yourself by neutralizing your energy and creating your Energy Self. Remember to include your energy pools in your Energy Self.
The easiest spots to intake energy are through the hands, or through the yellow stomach focal point. Whichever you choose to use is up to you, but the technique remains the same.
Begin by visualizing a neutralizing screen covering the focal point(s) you are using to intake. This screen will ensure that only neutral energy similar to your own is used to fill your aural energy pool. Next you must create a strong intent to pull universal energy within your body through your chosen focal point(s) which automatically passes it through your neutralizing screen and acclimates it to your body. To create this intent visualize energy entering your body each time you breathe in. Through the use of your rhythmic breathing you can pull universal energy into your body, neutralizing it and making it a part of your own internal energy.
You may encounter those that denounce intaking, because it introduces outside energy into the body and they believe it may taint your centre energy. This is certainly a very narrow view of intaking energy. All energy is of a fundamental nature and by neutralizing it you change it to match your own aural energy for psi use. In doing this you create more aural, waste energy that has absolutely nothing to do with the centre energy pool, or soul. Rest assured that the technique of intaking is perfectly safe and quite important to overall energy balance and health. If you ever encounter those that do not believe in intaking watch their aura after they perform psi as it will almost disappear as their body strains to recover from the aural energy debt they have put their body into.
Continue to intake energy until you feel full, or until no more energy will flow into your body. This is the point where you will have enough energy internalized to perform psi. Visualize closing off your screens at this point to prevent anymore energy from seeping in without your knowledge. If at any point during psi use you begin to feel you are going into energy debt pause whatever technique you are doing and intake again. Intaking may be done as often as needed, but remember to ground after you are finished psi for that session or day to force the body into a healthy energy balance.
Once you have intaken energy you may continue with the practice and create connections.
To create a connection first create an intent to create a connection and connect your third eye with your PCC through a visualized cord. This cord will be the messenger that delivers all information from the connection to your brain so that you can hear it and interact with it. The next step is to create the visualization of your connection running from your third eye to the third eye of the second participant. Visualize the connection as a television cable between the two people. Finally through thought intent connect the second person's third eye to their Psi Control Centre, so that there is now a direct connection between your brain and the other person's. This is an empathic psychic connection.
To hear the other person's thoughts, or feelings you must quiet your own thoughts as they are almost always louder than the empathic thought. The received thought, or feeling is usually not the first thing you think of and always comes from the back of the brain. With practice you will get to a point where it is easy to distinguish the thought/feeling that is not your own.
To disconnect you must do everything in reverse. First you must disconnect the participant's PCC from their third eye, then reel your connection back within yourself and finally disconnect your own third eye from your PCC.
Now try a telepathic connection. If you feel the need to intake do so now.
Creating a telepathic connection uses exactly the same principles as the empathic connection except that when the cord is made from third eye to third eye visualize it as a larger telepathic link. This link allows you to send your thoughts, or feelings to the participant while you are experiencing theirs.
To send something to the second participant you must visualize the message or feeling and then visualize sending it down the connection. In this manner a psychic can telepathically communicate with other psychics, or even untrained people. Creating a purely telepathic conversation between two participating psychics requires each psychic to have their own telepathic connection. This way both psychics can actively send information to the other person.
When finished with the telepathic connection disconnect it in the same way you did the empathic connection. Take time to replenish yourself via intaking and end the session by reachieving balance through grounding.