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Energy and Auras
by Zeus

Once a person has reached a state of balance with their body and existence they are almost ready to begin mainstream psi techniques. The only thing left is understanding the energy and its interconnections in order to ensure that the desired psi outcome occurs.
Within the body there are two main energies. These energies are located in different areas, but are still crucial to life, the Energy Self, and psi. Often people fragment, or block this energy unconsciously within the body and cut themselves off from the natural interconnections they allow. The wonderment of a child is not a mystery, it simply comes about because society hasn't ingrained the blocks yet. There is such a thing as too much order and civilization's rules sometimes overstep this boundary. Remember that balance in all things is crucial.
Central energy is the first of the internal energies, and it is also referred to as Soul energy, or simply the Soul. Centre energy is not used in psi, instead it is the energy that keeps things alive. It is the energy that feeds the body and the mind and defines each living being as an individual. Centre energy does not change from the day of birth to the day of death; it is constant. It is the energy that drives life and when there is no longer enough initiates death. People may mask centre energy, but they can not change it. What energy a person is born with dictates their weaknesses, and strengths their character, and personality their abilities, and their limits. This energy does not create predestiny it only defines the living being like a set of guidelines. The being is still in control of their life through free will and may choose to develop to the extent of their limits, or to do nothing at all. Centre energy simply creates the underlying building blocks of life.
The second type of internal energy is termed Aural energy. Aural energy is simply the waste energy given off by the life processes, but it is also the energy radiated from the mind. This is the energy that creates the body's natural aura, and the energy that is harnessed for psi. Changing on the whim of the living being Aural energy alters with mood, mindset and surroundings; it changes day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute, and even second to second. A being's aura always holds the signature characteristics of a person's soul energy so it can be identified to an individual no matter how much, or how fast the aura changes. This is the energy used in psi, because Aural energy can leave the body and Centre energy can't.
Both energies are found throughout the body due to life processes, but they also pool, or store excess, or unneeded energies as well. The pool concept is purely a visualization simply to aid in understanding. Centre energy is pooled in the Solar Plexus region of the body, it is here that most of the body's life essence sits waiting to be used. The Aural energy pool is found within the head near the back, close to the base of the brain. These two pools of energy are also essential pieces of the Energy Self and the practice session will go through that.
The aura, or energy given off by living beings is of Aural energy. The aura is actually the body's way of getting rid of excess waste energy that would otherwise overfill the Aural pool. Grounding is a psi technique that does a similar thing as the aura. Auras radiate from the body and the energy is dispersed into the Universal external energy. An aura's size and colour depend on the amount of energy being radiated and the charge behind the energy. Only living beings create auras. Auras can be seen in the mind's eye, or physically when one knows what to look for.
The aura can appear as a clear disturbance around a living object like heat waves in the air from hot pavement, or like colourful wisps, or areas surrounding a person. Usually seeing an aura takes some practice and improves over time (two techniques will be shown in the practice session).
So, the body is driven by Centre energy that defines life, and the life process's waste energy, Aural energy, creates the aura and is harnessed for psi.

Psi Practice (Session 3)

Before beginning this practice session be sure to neutralize your energy, to ground, and to create your Energy Self.
The Central energy pool, located near the Solar Plexus, must be connected to the Aural energy pool, located in the head. This is done as in the balancing technique with visualization. After connecting the two pools together you must connect each separately to the main spinal connection. Through visualization connect the Aural pool , and then the Centre pool to the main connection running down your back. When this is done your Energy Self is almost completed. The final step is to create two cords from your Centre pool. One of the cord should be connected to the body at the top of the right thigh and the other at the top of the left thigh. These two connections ensure the body receives sufficient energy during psi and reduces fatigue caused by Aural energy debt. Your Energy Self is now complete and you are ready for psi.
Now that you're ready let's go through two techniques for seeing an aura. The first technique involves seeing energy with your physical eyes. You should expect to see only a disturbance in the air the first time you try this, but with time your mind will learn how to understand and see the colours as well.
Take your dominant hand and place it on a flat single colour surface (the surface colour should preferably be white). Spread your fingers comfortably and look directly at the knuckle of your middle finger. Blink as you need to and move so that your eyes are directly looking at the knuckle from about 45cm (1.5ft). Slowly unfocus your eyes slightly and shift from looking directly at the knuckle to the space between your middle and index fingers. While doing this you will slowly begin to see your own aura; however if this is the first time for you it may not be as brilliantly colourful as you had hoped. Remember that seeing auras is something that takes practice.
This technique can be modified to see any living thing's aura by looking directly at the living being unfocussing the eyes slightly and then looking just at an edge of them almost as if you are looking past them. In this manner you should be able to identify almost anyone's aura. Practice on yourself, a friend, the family pet, or a plant. As long as it is alive it has an aura.
The second aura seeing technique actually involves the mind's eye and not the phsyical eyes. This means you will see the aura not through your eyes, but through visualization.
First you need to create a visual of a body outline. What seems to work best is a general thought that looks like a cut-out of a human body. Next you need to visualize the person who's aura you are trying to see. Focus on the person and visualize filling your cut-out with that person's energy. Allow their energy to reflect in the body outline you made with visualization and around your outline you will being to see in your mind that person's aura. This visualization technique usually reveals the aura's colour and strength and is particularly useful over distances where you are unable to physically see the other person.
The conclusion of this session sees you with a complete Energy Self and knowing how to see auras. Don't forget to ground again when you're finished practicing.