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The Energy Self
by Zeus

Once a person has chosen a path, a teacher, and realized they are questing psi for the correct reasons opening to the energies of existence becomes a purely self-driven path. Psi incorporates all things psychic, magick, hybrid, mystic, or visualized. Psi even incorporates aspects of religion into its folds. If one looks carefully for the interconnections between religions, psychic paths, and magick paths they may be surprised how much information is either similar, or exactly the same. The major differences people find when looking for interrconnections is language. There are different ways to describe exactly the same thing and different words to call them by, but in the end it is all the same. As so eloquently stated so long ago, "All roads lead to Rome." This simply means that everyone is allowed to take their own path to get where everyone else is going. With everyone taking their own path each new person that learns psi adapts it to their tastes which adds new aspects to psi as a whole.
With such an extensive sharing of psi it only stands that interconnection effects each person connected to the fundamental. And since everything is in essence fundamental energy each choice, or interaction by one person affects everything. For this reason it is extremely important to keep oneself balanced, or close to balanced to keep a minimal impact on existence. Granted there are times when balance is not right for the situation, but overall balance should be the normal or base. To create balance one must remain neutral, centred and grounded. There are numerous ways of achieving personal neutrality, or inner peace: prayer, song, self-reflection, meditation, and active psi to name a few. None of these ways is any better than another, so choose the one that works the best for you. Remember that everyone is headed to the same place in this just taking different roads.
Alright, so the words centred, neutral, and grounded have been thrown around but what do they actually mean? Well, essentially they are used as a means to heighten one’s connection with psi and to help in making energy interaction and manipulation easier. Since everything is interconnected by fundamental energy psi is possible, but without the ability to perceive, or manipulate that energy psi will fail. The long and the short being that if a person is not balanced psi will most likely fail. Balance is important both within oneself ad in existence and that fact can never be stressed enough.

Psi Practice (Session 2)

Okay, in session one we learned to do rhythmic breathing and to manipulate our internal energy after neutralizing it. Since these skills are keys to psi preparation make sure to use your rhythmic breathing and to neutralize your energies before continuing.
Once neutralized you are a third of the way through balancing yourself. The next step is to ground. Grounding is a technique that should be done at the beginning and end of all psi practice, or use. The main purpose of grounding is to ensure that you do not harbour more energy than your body is used to handling and it also allows for the intaking of energy if you are dangerously low. Grounding also allows for a connection with the Earth (a huge source of fundamental energy).
The easiest way to ground is done outside. All that has to be done is to lay the palms of the hands flat on bare earth for a minute, or until the feeling of internal energy movement (in or out) through the hands has stopped. You may also choose to lay your hands flat on the trunk of a tree to ground, but if you choose a tree find one that is at least 30cm (12”) in diameter. In choosing a tree of this size you can be assured its root structure is large enough to ground you. Unfortunately it isn’t always possible to hug a tree, or to lay hands on bare earth an so there is another common grounding technique for these situations.
This is the technique most people will use for grounding as it incorporates visualization and connections. Visualize a cord that begins at the centre of your body running down and connecting with the centre of the Earth. The cord can be visualized as any kind you like just remember that the intent of this cord is to ground your energies. Stay focused on this visualization until your energies have balanced (they are no longer flowing in or out of the connection) and then visualize bringing the cord back within yourself after unhooking it from the centre of the Earth. Don’t worry if you can’t see, or feel energy at this point as those come later. Just be sure to make each throught with a strong intent, so that you are grounded.
At this point in the session you should be:
1. Rhythmically breathing
2. Have neutralized energies
3. Be grounded
Now you must centre yourself to heighten your perception of yourself and the fundamental.
Within your body there are seven major focal points of energy and one point each in your hands and feet. These energy focal points are also known as chakras and correspond closely with nerve clusters, and the central nervous system (It is interesting to note that this one statement brings together Spiritualism, Pure Energy and Psionics). In order to centre yourself you must open each focal point and then connect them together.
The easiest visualization used to open the focal points is that of coloured flowers blossoming. We will use the flower opening technique during this session.
Begin by visualizing the base focal point at the base of the spine as a red flower. When the visualization is complete open the flower and allow it to blossom through the use of intent.
The next focal point is orange ad located just above the groin. Visualize an orange flower blossoming in this area.
The third focal point is located in the area of the stomach and is yellow in colour. With thought intent open a yellow flower here allowing it to blossom fully.
Fourth in the focal points is green and located over the heart. Create a fully blossoming green flower over this area to pen the heart energy focal point.
Visualize a blue flower opening fully from the throat. This is the fifth major energy focal point.
The next focal point corresponds to the psychic third eye. This focal point is purple and located in the middle of the forehead. In this area visualize a large purple flower blossoming.
The seventh and final major point is located right at the top of the head and is called the crown focal point, or crown chakra. This focal point is usually seen as white, so visualize a large white flower blossoming from the top of your head.
Now that the seven major focal points are open you must open the four more minor points. Use the same flower visualizations to do this in the palms of your hands and the on the soles of your feet. The flowers you blossom may be of whatever colour you feel most comfortable with.
After opening all the focal energy points you must connect them together in order to properly distribute your energies. To begin this visualize a cord running up the spine from the base of the spine to the base of the brain. This is the major energy pathway in the body and an essential link. Now you must link each focal point you’ve opened to the cord down your back. This is done by visualizing a cord from the centre of each point running to and attaching to the cord visualized down your back. Begin the at the red focal point and continue up through orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. Finally connect in the points on your hands and feet. You have now created a network that links most of the focal points of your body and this network is often referred to as a person’s energy self. The energy self is simply the visualized self that most of the body’s energy travels along during psi.
So, at this point you should be:
1. Rhythmically breathing
2. Have neutralized energy
3. Been grounded
4. Centred yourself by creating your energy self
To practice after creating your energy self run through last session’s internal energy manipulation practice where you concentrate energy in the hands and move it around through visualization. During this weeks practice you should feel much more energy movement and your perception and awareness of the energies should be more acute. Be aware that your psi control centre may tingle more as you do this, because of the extra energy awareness afforded through centring.
When you’re finished make sure to ground again to ensure your energy is level, and do not worry about your opened visualization as they will close naturally shortly after grounding.
Remember to stay as neutral and balanced as possible through the use of psi techniques in order to minimize your impact on existence and maximize your effectiveness in psi.