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(9) Be One With Yourself
by Zeus

The journey towards self-improvement continues as you yet again make the transition from one stepping-stone to the next. Your travels and trials on the Paradigm Shift path now find you at stepping-stone nine: Be One With Yourself.
To be one with yourself you do not need to withdraw from society, or be devoid of all emotional responses. To deny yourself either of the aforementioned pleasures would rob you of a piece of humanity. The goal of the Paradigm Shift is not to destroy humanity, but to embrace and fortify it in positive growth. The Paradigm Shift allows you to make the transition beyond the traditional environmental factors and create a reality, self-image and interactions that will carry you through the life that you want. The Paradigm Shift shows you the door to understanding, so you can go through it and take hold of the power to properly direct your life in a balanced manner. In the end it allows you to go beyond what is thought of as conventional humanity to be one with yourself.
To be one with yourself is to dispense with any and all negativities you may hold against you own self. You must deal in both the physical and energy, or spiritual realms. You cannot be one with yourself if you hold even the slightest animosity towards any part of your being. Acceptance of who you are, or changing a piece of yourself through mindset, in a positive manner, is an integral part of being one with yourself. Stress, anxiety, compulsions, and quick tempers all stem from an inability to accept your own self. Many people will disagree with the last statement, but the link will be shown between failing to be one with your self and negative characteristics being present in a person's personality.
A person that has accepted who they are and that are happy with who they are can create and deal within reality in a much more neutral and balanced manner. This does not mean without emotion. It means that you can see beyond the emotional attachment in situations and deal objectively without being encumbered of emotion. It is unfortunate, but you will find that people that are not one with their self will find you detached and sometimes cold in dealing with situations in an objective manner. This is not because of your flaw, since in becoming one with yourself you actually go beyond the regular confines of humanity, it is because they are still mired in emotional response and are unable to be objective. In these situations it is you that must seek the amiable solution, as the other person is not able to create the neutral, or balanced mindset needed for judgement. When you accept yourself you will find that in turn you are able to accept others as they are. You will also find that accepting yourself reduces stresses and the health risks associated with it. The subsequent health aspects improve your overall health and enhance your immune system response to keep you healthier. As you deal with the negativities you've held onto in your life about yourself your anxiety levels will decrease since there is less to worry over and in being able to accept others (and yourself) your temper will not flare as quickly since you are able to objectively deal with situations.
So, how exactly do you work towards becoming one with yourself? You must begin by identifying all aspects of your personality, or characteristics that you hold a negative opinion about. As an example you may identify your weight, your hair colour, your nose, or that you're shy around strangers. Whatever you identify you must look at and find positive ways to remedy your opinion of the situation. Are the aspects something that you identify personally with, or are they something you've been singled out about? If you've been singled out about the issue, then perhaps another negative issue is that you are caring too much about what others think/say and not enough about what you believe. As you work through each characteristic positively and shift your paradigm to a more balanced form you are actually increasing your self-worth and balancing your ego at the same time.
The next step is to identify aspects of other people that you find most annoying, rude, etc. Through identifying what affects you from other people you are able to identify even more pieces of yourself that you hold in a negative value. Perhaps you view low-income earners as people that do not work hard enough; however you must look at the situation objectively and decide whether they had the opportunities for advancement offered to other people. You may view another person as too up tight, or rigid concerning rules and regulations, but is it because you yourself do not like structured environments? A place may be rigid regarding rules to ensure the proper environment to work, or commune in. Every situation must be looked at objectively and any negative feelings you have about people, or places stem from a negative feeling inside you (it may even be a part of you that you do not like to show and therefore avoid situations that bring out that characteristic). Whatever happens with your views regarding other places, or people you must realize that your notions are personally drawn. You must understand your emotional reaction to the situation and the reason you feel that way before you can deal with the problem and effectively work around the problem to view a situation objectively.
After identifying negative aspects about yourself and others you must work continually to fix the traits in a positive manner. Realize that you may never change another person's views, but you are able to understand their view from an objective standpoint, not take their stance personally, and still talk with them regarding their understanding without reacting in a negative manner. What you are doing is transcending the confines, or dome of emotion and working on a level above what is considered normal interaction. Don't be fooled into thinking that once you reach oneness that you won't have emotional reactions anymore. There will always be issues that appear that you have not dealt with before that trigger emotional responses. The key to creating and keeping oneness is to deal with your own negative traits that pop up quickly and correctly, so you can then move on to dealing with other situations, or with the people that brought about the reaction. It is imperative that once a situation arises you balance yourself first before continuing. Once you've handled situations of balance it becomes second nature and you will be able to retain your oneness by dealing with the emotional attachments of your own self within a few seconds.
Dealing with your negative issues and the negative issues you hold against other people and situations can do nothing but drive you forward in a positive and balanced manner and ensure that you become one with yourself.