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(7) Understanding the Knowledge
by Zeus

Once you have traversed the path in front of it you will come upon stepping-stone seven: Understanding the Knowledge.
The importance of having knowledge has always been pushed by society. In the last half-century many countries have created laws requiring a set number of years in the education system, and many jobs now require proof of formal education. This push to educate breeds people with deep pools of knowledge and lots of formal education. Unfortunately, there are flaws in formal education and holes in what it is able to convey.
There are many levels to knowledge from general to grossly specific, but most people are never taught a rounded education that makes connections from the knowledge out into real life. Without connections knowledge is without understanding and practically useless. What exactly is understanding though? Understanding is holding the entire truth of the knowledge. The truth of the knowledge? Yes, information without understanding, or truth is meaningless. As an example you could be told that every use of energy is monitored for balance in every reality. Some people may agree; some may disagree. The point is that very few people will understand that sentence, because they lack the truth of it. A person will agree, or disagree based on personal assumption and that is dangerous. Assumption is simply another way of saying ignorance for lack of the truth. But people assume all the time, so it must be okay? If you caught the assumption in that sentence you're doing well, if not then this stepping-stone is still eluding you. The reason assumption is bad is because it conveys knowledge with assumption and not truthful knowledge. Spreading knowledge without truth is the same as spreading ignorance. In the same manner you cannot assume that another person will understand you since they may have a different level of understanding, or reality. Nine times out of ten when relating complex concepts to another person if you ask them to paraphrase the understanding they will not have understood and get it wrong. Does this make that person ignorant? No, it simply means they are not to the level of understanding to comprehend the knowledge. They can hold the knowledge, anyone can have knowledge, but until the truth is learned the knowledge is useless and ignorant.
To understand knowledge you must do a little work. You must go to a source that is understood (not assumed) to have the truth about the subject and ask them, or you must discover the truth yourself. Do not discard ignorant knowledge until it is learned that the knowledge is false in the truth, as you never know where understanding might be gained. Knowledge with the truth gives you the ability to spread understanding of a subject and dispel ignorance. In doing this you work with the six stepping-stones before "understanding the knowledge" to better yourself and society as a whole.
Essentially, understanding the knowledge by finding the truth of the knowledge gives you power over those that are ignorant and the ability to pass judgement on the knowledge of others specific to your understanding. Understanding the knowledge (the Power Triangle) leads you forward along the Paradigm Shift faster than any other stepping-stone.

Side Note: The Psi Palatium websites and Psi Vigour are set up with cascading information, so as you understand more you can reread the websites, or compilation and learn more about each subject. What you are able to comprehend from the site, or compilation is directly proportional to your level of understanding.