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(6) You Control Reality
by Zeus

Your quest in the Paradigm Shift now finds you at stepping-stone six: You Control Reality.
Throughout life and in scientific understanding we are taught that everything exists in set patterns that we cannot change. In the same breath people will suggest personal programs, or avenues to help change your reality. Change is not something to fear; instead it is an opportunity to grow and expand understanding. In every case that brings about change it is you at the centre that controls the experiences you have. You control reality.
Look closely at your life at this moment. Ponder your understanding and what makes up your own reality (what is real to you). Now look back at your life six months, a year and five years ago. You should notice that your reality, your understanding then is much different than this moment in time. Through experience you have changed and with you your reality has shifted. This is a natural process and the cornerstone of the Paradigm Shift.
What is reality to you may not match another person's reality, because no one else shares the exact experiences you have garnered during your lifetime. This is natural. Each living being holds their own reality, their own level of understanding. Relating to eachother requires some semblance of commonality in reality. You cannot personally understand a concept unless it fits into, or relates in some way to your own reality. In this manner a person of limited reality cannot mount, or hope to understand completely the concepts of a person with a vast understanding, but they may grab hold of pieces that do make sense to them and as they expand their understanding fit the small concepts together like a jig-saw puzzle until they too hold the entire picture. With that in mind a person with a strong reality must break concepts down into smaller pieces in order to relate with others at their level of understanding. When people are able to fit pieces together to relate at a higher level and others break concepts down into easier to relate concepts the barriers of having different realities break down somewhat and there is a free flow of reality, or understanding. This is a group, or mutual reality.
At the heart of a mutual reality is one being that all the others support from. The reality centre is often, but not always, the person with the strongest reality for a given concept, or groups of concepts. As a member of a mutual reality the overall reality created by the group is much stronger than any single reality one member could produce. Each member is supported by the others and often shifts as the do. This creates realities that change much faster than lone realities as understanding is shared and higher concepts related to literally drag everyone's understanding higher.
As understand increases your reality becomes stronger, but there are weaknesses in any reality deficient in a stepping-stone of the Paradigm Shift. But if a reality is strong and understanding is good why does a lack of a stepping-stone create weakness? Simply put, because you control reality. It is up to you what happens and what experiences you have in your life. If you lack the understanding of a stepping-stone your reality is not as strong, or stable as it could be and it makes you more vulnerable to stronger realities influencing your judgement and choices. In reality your choices should be your own to make which allows you to control where your life is at any given moment. While life is free will between the gates of predetermined levels of understanding there is nothing that says you must go through any of your life's preset steps except, of course, being born and dying. What you do in your lifetime is, or should be completely up to you. With that statement should come the concept that the more understanding you hold the stronger your reality will become and the better your life will be.
So, you are responsible for what experiences you have in life. You take ownership for the understanding provided by the experiences. You give what you get in mutual realities and own the understanding related in them. You alone build, or destroy your own self-worth depending on the experiences you get yourself into. And you create the balance that dictates your life. Once you stack all these concepts together you may understand that you control reality.