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(5) Energy Balance
by Zeus

Once again you move forward on the Paradigm Shift path and come upon the fifth stepping-stone; Energy Balance.
The fifth stepping-stone deals on two different levels. The first level is the personal level of energy. On this level the fifth stepping-stone stresses the importance of you being in balance. This means dealing with your own energy to keep it as neutral as possible. In this case the major causes of imbalance are related to emotion, ego, self-esteem and interaction with other energy. To be in balance does not mean a person must be emotionless, but it does mean they must be in control of their emotions and not let their emotions control them. This is no easy task. Emotions stem from adverse, or positive outside energy interaction and stimuli with a person's ego, sense of self-esteem and understanding.
It is correct to say at this point that no man, women, or child knows everything and so understanding can only extend so far. Where understanding leaves off knowledge and assumption based on experience and ego take over. To balance emotions you must realize that any interaction that goes beyond your personal level of understanding is not an affront to you, but instead is an opportunity to grow and expand your own understanding. The more balanced you are able to keep your personal energies the easier you will be able to deal with the "ownership of interaction" and "responsibility of action" and in turn "self worth" will increase and come into balance with ego.
Take this situation as an example: You are at work and have just finished a large presentation of which you are very proud. After looking through it your boss is not impressed by the hack-knee job that you did on the presentation and calls your level of intelligence into play.
You know the job you did was excellent and your boss has just attacked your ego. Rather than reacting with emotion since you know this is a trigger that emotionally charges you you must neutralize and remain balanced. In order not to compromise stepping-stones your reaction should be to respond with, "It was my understanding that this is the type of report that was required and it does what was asked for in the best way possible. I worked very hard on that presentation to make it the best with what was available. Perhaps with your suggestions I can create the quality of presentation that you are looking for." Your response asks to keep the negative comments minimized while avoiding giving out any negative aspects. You combine the "ownership of interaction" with "self worth" by saying it was a good job, but might be even better with outside input. And finally you take responsibility that it is your presentation and you did your best with the understanding you had available to you at the time. While saying your response it is imperative that your tone does not offer negativity, but instead concern and determination. Throughout this experience you have kept your personal balance and in doing so you help the second level of balance; the surrounding area balance.
Balance in all things is crucial and that is just as true for any area outside or around people. The balance of any given area interacts with and affects the personal balance of every living being in that area. When you were able to remain personally balancing in your experience with your boss you did not broadcast any energy that would cause imbalance in the area around you and by doing that you took responsibility. Each living being continually broadcasts, or gives off energy. If that energy is neutral and balanced it will have little affect on the area it is broadcast into and you ensure no one else must interact with energy you created through imbalance (stepping-stone one).
Both personal and surrounding area "energy balance" are crucial aspects to learn and implement in the Paradigm Shift.