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(4) Self Worth
by Zeus

As you continue your stroll along the Paradigm Shift pathway and you complete the first three stepping-stones you come to the fourth stepping-stone, "self worth."
The Globe Modern Dictionary defines self as, "one's own person, or the ego" and worth as, "the quality of something which makes it valuable, desirable, deserving of respect, etc." In the paradigm shift "self worth" is thought of as respecting and valuing your own person. The fourth stepping-stone encompasses a broad range of meanings in actuality from respecting yourself, to understanding yourself. Having all the knowledge, brevity, strength, etc. in the world means very little if you do not believe that you are worthy to wield, or even hold it. Without having a sense of "self worth" you cannot complete the Power Triangle and subsequently cannot perform the best psi has to offer; even the simple things become more difficult without self worth. Having little, or no "self worth" actually acts to undermine the entire paradigm shift. When you have no "self worth" you do not respect yourself and in turn you get back little respect, because as per stepping-stone one "you get what you give." The other two preceding stepping-stones also become a problem, because without you valuing yourself you are unable to "take ownership of interaction" since you are unworthy to have that interaction in the first place and you cannot take "responsibility for action" because you are not deserving of responsibility. Without "self worth" you really limit your available options both in life and in psi.
The first thing you must realize is that you are worthy of everything you have in your life. Is that egotistical? No. You have what you do in your life, because you put it there. That is the nature of stepping-stone one. So, whatever your life it is the way it is because of you, not someone else ("ownership of interaction" and "responsibility of action"). "Self worth" is not something all people are born with. Most people must learn to understand their lives to see their own value and in turn create healthy "self worth."
In an example "self worth" is difficult, but try to follow the building and expansion of "self worth" in the following.
You begin your day with little "self worth" and are on your way to a friend's house. An elderly couple is carrying lumber from their truck into their home, because they are doing renovations. You see the elderly gentleman, of perhaps 70, struggling with each piece of lumber as you are walking towards him down the sidewalk. Being kind-hearted you offer your assistance and are able to quickly unload the lumber into the couple's home. The couple offers to pay you for your service, but you refuse, because it honestly was no trouble for you to lend a hand. They thank you and you continue on your way having lost perhaps 20 minutes of your day.
In this example you have created a circle of positive aspects that will mirror into your life at some point. By helping the couple without being asked and without monetary payment you have gained respect from them, but that will also mirror inside you. The mirroring of respect will build your "self worth" without you having to do anything else, because you have helped other people, and did so out of kindness. Often with this type of helping you will walk away with a warm feeling inside, because you know that you didn't have to, but you did and you can do it again.
You gain respect for yourself from others and from yourself by creating positive aspects that feed back to you. Now why is this? The reason is simple. When you create a positive aspect you know you will have it mirrored back to you eventually and in that manner you can respect yourself for ensuring happiness in your life in the future. When happiness happens into your life you will know you are worthy of having it, because you created a positive aspect mirror when you helped the couple unload their lumber. In this simple circle of giving, owning, and responsibility you increase your value to yourself and by doing that you increase your "self worth." When you increase your "self worth" you realize you are worthy of living life and doing psi and you become a better person for it with the added bonus of bettering society. So, take "responsibility of action" and don't sit idly by; instead take charge and create aspects to better your own "self worth."