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(3) Responsibility of Action
by Zeus

Once a person has walked the first two steps they come to the third stepping-stone of the paradigm shift, "responsibility of action."
The third stepping-stone ties in closely with the two that have come before it and bonds with all those that follow it. In order to "get what you give", and have "ownership of interaction" you must take "responsibility of action". Having responsibility for your actions is important not only in psi, but in life in general. It is your responsibility to ensure you give only positive to receive only positive. No one else is responsible for actions you take that may lead to negative repercussions and you cannot blame any you receive on others. It is you that must be responsible for yourself and realize that any negative you receive is given for a past negative of your own. At the same time no one else is there to make sure you take "ownership of interaction." You must understand that you are responsible for your own interactions and that it is you and no one else that must take ownership for them. Taking responsibility of your actions, and thoughts is truly important.
The best example of the lack of stepping-stone three in everyday life is today's Westernized society. According to the status quo of today it is not your fault you turned out the way you are, and it is not your fault that you are where you are. It is the fault of your parents, your friends, your government, your employer, or anyone that is around to take the blame. This attitude should be heavily stressed as wrong. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have what you need to live, and that you be where you wish to be in life. No one should take responsibility for your life, but you. You drive your life. You live your life. It is therefore your responsibility to make your life what you want and need it to be. If you find yourself without a job, car, significant other, companionship, medical care, etc. it is not someone else's fault. It is your own responsibility to take, or to have taken the action to achieve the goals you set and need.
The book "The Celestine Prophecy" describes one type of personality as being a "Poor Me" personality. This is a person that portrays an attitude of, "look at me I only have this isn't it sad that this could have, or has happened to me." The person with this type of personality is looking for sympathy and energy, because of the situations in their life. This is a very bad personality to have. The "Poor Me" personality takes little, or no responsibility for their actions. They do not understand that they are the ones that live their life and are responsible for what happens in it. To guarantee that what comes into, and out of your life is what you wish you must stress taking "responsibility of action."
Taking control of your own life and grabbing the reins of responsibility can be both shocking and scary. Since most people do not take responsibility for their life doing so suddenly can be an utterly terrifying ordeal. But do not let go of the reins of responsibility, because you need to keep hold of them to live your life properly and positively. When you take responsibility for all the actions in your life you and no one else is in the driver's seat of your life path. With you in control you can make certain you own the goals you set and the actions you take will get you what you give. Be sure to make the paradigm shift into control of yourself and take "responsibility of action."