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(2) Ownership of Interaction
by Zeus

Moving along the paradigm shift path is the second stepping-stone, "ownership of interaction."
Energy is an interesting phenomenon that will reach out and try to change any other energy it comes in contact with. Since Pure Energy Psi defines everything as energy this means that everytime your own energy is around another object, or person you influence that object, or person with your energy. There needs to be no intent behind your energy as it interacts it simply tries to change other energy to get what you're searching for. Thinking this through, how many times have you been completely free of any objects, or living beings in your life? The correct answer is never. You have been and will continue to influence and interact with other energy for as long as you live. Interaction is a simple fact of life.
Alright, so you interact with everything around you all the time, but what does this information really mean? In short it means that you play a crucial part in what happens to you and around you at every point in your life. The first stepping-stone, "you get what you give" shows how your positive, or negative aspects are mirrored back into your life. You must be the one to take ownership of having created these aspects in the first place to have them reflected back to you. When you throw negativity haphazardly, or directly out into the World you must take ownership for doing so, and know that it will come back to you. It is your own doing that sometime in your present future life the negativity will come back to you. The same goes with pouring positive aspects into the World. If you freely radiate positive growth and healthy aspects then you must take ownership for your actions and know that you created what will come back to you.
However, "ownership of interaction" is much more than just going back to the first stepping-stone. Ownership of interaction is understanding that everything you do influences outcomes in your life in some way. You are the one that creates what comes to you, and happens to you. If you were beaten as a child you must take ownership that in some way, however small, you influenced the energies to create an aspect of the beatings. While as a child your reality is not strong enough to overpower an adult's it can be aggravating, annoying, or just in the way. Any of these are not what, in today's society, would be termed as your fault. Though you may not have deserved the beatings, or the bad things that happened to you, you were there and had influence through your energy in the outcome. You must understand and take ownership that you created some aspect of what happened. In doing this you actually help yourself identify the problem, overcome any past hurts that have not healed, and understand how you played a key role. Today's Westernized society is very guilty of not taking ownership. In a society where a McDonald's can be sued for someone pouring hot coffee on their lap we have lost the ability to take ownership. It is not McDonald's fault that the coffee was hot, of course it was hot, it is coffee. You must take ownership of your actions to create the outcome. You must realize that while McDonald's provided the means to burn yourself you were the one that actually did it. You must, and this can't be stressed enough, take ownership for your own interactions that caused what happened. Situations do not just happen randomly, they take past energy, and present interactions to create what is here and now.
So, I have to take ownership for everything that I've ever done, and that has ever happened to me, or around me? Yes, you must. Anytime your energy interacts you have played some part in the outcome. Taking ownership of your role helps to create and preserve your own personal balance. Of course, there is a catch. You do not take ownership for things that are not your fault, or you will be creating a negative aspect within yourself that will mirror back to you as per stepping-stone one. In the customer service example of stepping-stone one there is a line that states that you do not show fault in having sold, or produced the defective product. This is important, because up until that point you had no interaction with the customer, or the product and could not have influenced the outcome that resulted in the breakage. You must take ownership that the customer's negativity is due to a past mirror of your own, but not that the product's failure was your fault. It does take some understanding and practice to differentiate exactly what you should and shouldn't take "ownership of interaction" for, but once you do you will be a much healthier, happier and more positively balanced person for it.