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White Noise
by Rhyannon

White noise is “all frequencies within a constant band at the same sound level”. Hearing a constantly moving waterfall is a great example.

Then we have the benefits of using White Noise which are mainly better relaxation and concentration. It will help eliminate the clutter of questions that normally run through our minds when we need to focus by replacing it with the white noise. It is beneficial when practicing with a partner sending images or sounds to you from a distance. Like a random field device, which occupies your mind with one vision that is not really “there”, White noise, can help you can pick up auditory and visual information while your mind is “occupied” with the sound stimulation.

To practice by yourself I would suggest getting used to it during meditation then stepping up to asking your inner voice intimate questions in regards to your day ahead of you or what is needed to learn about the day just experienced. If this is done at night, you will likely end up having dreams about your day, messages will come through more clearly.

A waterfall or a steady heavy rain is the most common instances of natural white noise. Since most of us do not have these options available when we are in the mindset for practice we need to get creative. Anything with a constant hum/sound to it will do. Air conditioners, showers, fans, radio static, these are just a few examples to use.

It will need to block out other distractions such as horns honking or people in the streets or in the house. White noise devices and cd’s are available on the net, I would suggest a cd since it is cheaper, you can wear headphones and adjust the volume to a comfortable level.

To practice with another person, choose a sender and receiver, both of you do the basics, send one into another room, after giving you (the receiver) enough designated time for relaxation with your device, have the sender randomly pick a song to listen to or a picture to send to you telepathically. Songs tend to come up when you want to hear them so just make sure you aren’t going to influence your friend by manipulating them to listen to your current favorite.

Your goal as the receiver will not be to step into this persons mind. It will be receive the energy from the sender, basically to hear the song or see the visual. When you hear something, write down what is heard, when you see something, write it or draw it down. Do this for 30 minutes total. Give yourself enough time to relax first; closing your eyes does help. Good luck!