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Meditation Expansion
by Rhyannon

In the last class you participated in something so normal that you have done it since you can remember, walking. With that out of the way you now can use the skills in focus, understanding and relaxation you have gathered to do this any time and anywhere you please. By recalling the energy sensations.
The subject's people use for meditation tends to be more natural settings. This is the most relaxing setting when compared to a busy city sidewalk or a cold office environment. It is more enjoyable plus you have been in training for this since youth! That's something kids are taught to do, "Go Play Outside!" These natural settings we create in our mind I believe bring us back to our forgotten knowledge "the connection to ALL". The openness and wonder we had as kids in nature are natural and can be reclaimed through meditation. Regression hypnosis is a prefect example of that.
Now that you know how to bring all your senses and mind into a relaxed state of energy awareness, it is time to expand the skill and enhance the meditation. Before you attempt any meditation keep the goal in mind of what your focus will be on. Allow your mind to relax and tune in your ears to your inner voice. Do some light breathing exercises, counting holding till five (or whatever is comfortable for you) then releasing and repeat. Only do what you feel you can and relax even more deeply.
With your goal in mind, create a relaxing place of energy that you have been gathering during your walking meditations, example the feeling of sun on your face and how it made you feel, how your mind enjoyed this, put yourself in a meadow. Deeper into this, allow your mind to relax and then when you feel you are on the verge or in theta (remember previous examples, or ask if you need further assistance) put your goal (visually) in front of you. Explore it, see how it fits in your life in a positive way or do the work you have intended to do.
Maintain your basics. Bring meditation into the moments of the day. When we set a time aside for meditation we do it, we get up and continue the day. Can you imagine a day when you carry the balance all through your day from a morning meditation? This will help you expand your focus, understanding and energy awareness skills.
I suggest reading "Hypnosis for Beginners" By William H. Hewitt. This book will give you skills that will help you more tools on your quest in learning meditation (self-hypnosis) and PSI. At this time you can go over my meditations as a guide to help you or explore the net for ideas. Any questions you can contact me via this site.