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Meditation in Motion
by Rhyannon

The health benefit of learning how to meditate was discussed in class one. In class two you started to see how when you do the brief meditation like I described in class one and two, you are doing it naturally (the brainwave frequencies). This leads into psi mindsets and experiences (empathy, increased focus, self-hypnosis and energy to name a few). Maybe you are starting to realize this is easy and you have had more psi experiences then you gave yourself credit prior to that review. Psi is natural.
Now that you have done this with your past experiences you are ready to do it on your own with awareness of what you are about to do is beneficial, easy, achievable and works with learning psi energy work. You can now prepare for it.
Centering is a way to meditate. You are changing your breathing, inhaling deeply into the diaphragm and exhaling deeply from the diaphragm. You are relaxing your mind and body so you can become aware of your Total Energy Self. Putting you into a light alpha state and then going deeper reaching into theta. This we know is happening when you are visualizing and give your energy intent and it actually follows through. Contrary to most beliefs, you do not have to be tired and almost asleep to be in theta.
When people have trouble meditating it's usually cause they do not understand the thought processes that go into it. What should my hands be doing? Where did that itch on the back of my neck suddenly come from? Should I scratch it? When meditating at first we learn to take stock of our body first. We make ourselves cozy in a silent place taking the phone off the hook so we do not get disturbed. Although this is a good thing to do when you want some intense meditation when you are not used to it, it can be annoying and a waste of time when you are on limited time. You can use self-hypnosis to program your mind to believe that distractions will only make you relax more they are of no concern. That is one way to solve it if you live on a noisy street.
One of my favorite meditations is the walking meditation. You train yourself to go outside and take notice of what your body and energy is doing one thing at a time. Till finally you have a full memory in detail of the sun on your face, the rocks or sidewalk beneath your feet, the vibrations of walking going up your legs, the move of your leg muscles and swing of your arms. You recall the sounds that are around you of scurrying animals or singing birds. How the scenery looked around you, the play of dark and light on everything. Then you can take this back inside in a quiet place and recall starting from the feet up to the top of your head where the sun beat down onto your crown where it soaked in and you felt rejuvenated and part of nature.
Okay so what does that have to do with meditation? Now comes the fun part, actually doing it. This will be your first real exercise in doing meditation in its most natural situation.

Practice - Walking
Before you go to take a walk, consider first the things I had you recall in Class two. Take notice today you are going to be a part of something you have done many times before with a new awareness and a new outlook on it. Your energy will increase as you are doing this and so will your focus. Because it's natural and good for your body, mind and spirit.
As you go out to walk, your intent will be to notice what is listed above, the sounds, feel, sights and even smells. Take it slowly the first few times you do this, you will have a lot of things to remember to complete the visual later on. When you do it let your mind go from busy thoughts like "I have bills to pay" or "I have to think about this test later on".
After doing it a few times, you got the physical sensations down pat ask yourself, "Where was my mind during this? What was my spirit feeling?" Then add them into your walking exercises and awareness meditations.
Walking is a great stress reducer so study after you meditate and pay the bills before you go or after, or even both ways. Do what feels best for you. Get rid of your most pressing distractions so you can ENJOY this it will help increase the benefits. Meditation is enjoyable; feeling the energy going through your body is enjoyable. Now go and relax and enjoy.