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Meditation and Psi
by Rhyannon

There are four brain wave frequencies that are involved in PSI work. Briefly for our meditation class I will go over them. When we are alert and focused we are in Beta brainwave. When we are in the brief states of meditation I described in class one, this is when our brain slipped into the Alpha brainwave frequency. This frequency is where Hypnosis starts to work. The deeper we "sink" into this the closer we are to accessing not just our inner self but every part of the world around us that we do not normally acknowledge. There are two other brainwave frequencies, Theta and Delta. Theta is the frequency we are more concerned about for PSI mindset even though Alpha is just as needed in some areas.
We know that reaching "Theta" (the state right before we fall asleep) is the best stage for working with our energy. In order to go into theta we can do things such as controlled breathing and visualization to relax us (basic alpha exercises). First, we are going to learn to reach Alpha on a regular basis with ease by meditation (form of Self-Hypnosis). You will know when you are reaching these states by the clues given about your frame of mind in class one.
Having difficulty in meditation is a frame of mind and to believe you can do meditation is also a frame of mind. Believe you can do meditation well and you will. This is a primer for your subconscious mind. It is a way of letting your mind and body get ready for changes in your normal energy thought patterns. There is an old saying, "If you get told something often enough you start to believe it." This is what you need to do to yourself. Remove old negative thought patterns and replace with new more positive energy thought patterns.
First thing you should think about is your approach to meditation. What are your goals? Do you want to maximize the benefits of meditation like a stronger immune system? Is your quest for inner peace of mind? Or, do you want to reach the deep recesses of your mind, body and spirit to see what is there? Balancing your energy? Better visualization skills? Whatever your reasons for wanting to reach the meditation state of mind, the benefits I have listed prior will usually follow.

Practice One:
1.In your PSI-Journal, write a list of memories where you actually felt like you lost yourself into your thoughts. Use the examples from Class one as a guide. (Note this is when you were likely in alpha)
2. Put them in order as best you can recall the "deepness" of your meditation. An example would be like where time (even a few minutes) was lost to you. Meditation can be as short as 3 minutes or last over an hour. (The deeper you go the more likely you are achieving theta)
3. Notice which of these times of meditation inspired your creativity, joy and motivated you to move into a positive direction. Was it due to what you actually seen or felt in that moment? (Take notice that the briefer moments likely didn't inspire you as much as the deeper. Alpha going into theta.)
Do not just remember the positive times you lost yourself in thoughts, it is important to learn about all sides of you. Even if you feel they are negative or counter productive. Have you truly faced your issues that could cause you to block up and ignore what needs to be recognized? Meditation can dig up old prejudices and events. Balance and understanding is what we are aiming for in this practice. This is a good time to put your Chakra knowledge to use. I have a brief description of them for you in my class section.
4. This might be a bit more difficult unless you keep a personal journal and a separate PSI journal to refer back too, do your best to remember your energy experiences following the meditations I have described so far. An example that has happened to me would be. During a song you danced too, you felt you were the only one alive and visually you experienced maybe something like the being a part of the pulsating lights, the music was a part of you. Now after all that movement your body and mind is more focused and your body more energized. You were ready to go back to the dance floor and loose yourself all over again. Where you more in-tuned (empathy) to those around you? Did your clarity and awareness increase? I bet even though you were not really aware of where everyone was before the dance after this immersion you know EXACTLY where everyone is standing or moving.
Another simple example is you are sitting in a field feeling a part of it, admiring the scenery and not thinking of any one thing, maybe a breeze is coming instinctively you know it and enjoy it as it passes by, over and through you. You were connected to yourself and the world around you.
There are a few reasons for this exercise; one is to show you when you allow yourself to relax meditation is easy! You do it all the time and you can go deeper and achieve the benefits of psi with awareness that millions access daily without even realizing. When you reach those moments of intuition, empathy and awareness of energy, (plus the other "PSI related" moments not mentioned so far in the examples) you have most likely slipped from Beta to Alpha and finally into Theta brainwave frequency.
A very important reason for this practice to show you meditation doesn't have to be boring, hard or a chore. It shows you a way that psi is natural, meditation is natural and you have done this many times before and will continue to do it for the rest of your life.