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Healing Exercise 2: Self-Healing
by GoldBear

After completing the first exercise, you are familiar with the way your body moves energy around, and how it responds to threats and injuries. Using this knowledge, you will more easily be able to manipulate your body's energy in order to direct it to where it is needed most. Please keep in mind, however, that your body carries out more functions than you are aware of at any given moment, and drawing too much energy from them can have drastic results. Be sure to have adequate nutritional intake before attempting to manipulate your body's energy, and afterwards to recover what is used.

First, identify the area in need of healing. It will most likely show up as a pattern of energy that does not blend in with the surrounding energy of the body. In your mind, see energy being collected throughout your body, and intent it with healing. See it moving toward your injured area, enveloping the irregular energy. Watch as it consumes the irregular energy, until the healing energy is all that remains. Leave this collection of healing energy stay in this location for a time to continue healing the damage, and it will most likely dissipate on its own.

Continue practicing this method until you are fairly quick and effective with it, and then move on to the next lesson.